Arabian Shia Protest for their Bahraini Brethern

JNN 25 Mar 2011 :After  the Friday Prayers , the Shia Citizens of the Saudi Arabia ,In the Shia Majority area of Qatif and al Ahsa, Hundreds of Shia Protesters took to the streets, condemning the kingdom’s military intervention in Bahrain.

The protesters, mainly Shias, also called for the immediate release of what they called forgotten political prisoners. And the Sectarian Discrimination towards the Shia Citizens of the country , which are denied of Jobs and other facilities as the Nationals of Arabia , they also ask for the Immediate release of the prisoners which are being held Illegitimately and without trial, some as long as 16 years.

There protest rallies were held in two villages close to the main Shia city of Qatif shortly after the Friday Prayers.

“There were  around 400 protesters and quite a Number of Protesters were  waving Bahraini flags. To show their solidarity with the Bahraini Shia Population , who are being subjected to severe torture, and against whom a heavy crackdown is being done in collaboration with the Saudi and the GCC ,Peninsula forces . The protesters were peaceful and the riot police were well away from the demonstrators,” an activist said.

Demonstrators also called for political freedoms and an end to sectarian discrimination against the Shia community by the Wahabi monarchy.

Saudi Arabia’s Shia Muslims, who are considered a minority, complain about government discrimination, saying they are treated as second class citizens and that they often struggle to get the government jobs and benefits available to other citizens.

On Wednesday, a Saudi-based human rights group said that authorities have arrested one hundred protesters for taking part or organizing anti-government demonstrations.

Human Rights First Society (HRFS) also revealed that some of the Shia detainees were subject to torture both physically and mentally.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry spokesman Mansour al-Turki refused to comment on the report.

“Anybody who committed a violent act that is criminalized by law in Saudi Arabia will be arrested and anybody proved to be involved in calling for demonstrations will be arrested and sent to the court of law,” Turki told Reuters.

In Saudi Arabia, protest rallies and any public displays of dissent are forbidden and are considered illegal. Senior Wahhabi clerics in the kingdom have also censured opposition demonstrations as “un-Islamic.”


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