Bahraini’s Ready to Defy Al Khalifa’s Rule at any cost


JNN 28 Mar 2011 : Bahraini protesters have once again taken to the streets in Manama despite a curfew imposed by the military and the presence of Bahraini and foreign armed forces.

The Sunday protest came in defiance of a state of emergency imposed on March 15 by King Hamad bin Al Khalifa.

“Protesters, chanting ‘down with the regime’ and waving placards, played cat and mouse with the police,” a Press TV correspondent reported.

Shortly after the demonstrations started large convoys of armed forces arrived at the scene and fired teargas to disperse the protester.

However, protesters gathered again a few minutes after being dispersed.

Anti-government protests against the Al Khalifa dynasty in Bahrain began in mid-February. So far, at least 24 people have been killed, almost 100 have gone missing and about 1,000 others have been injured.

The violence against protesters escalated when Saudi Arabia and the UAE deployed their troops in Bahrain.

Security has been tight in Manama, where protesters are planning to retake the city’s Salmaniya hospital from Saudi and Bahraini troops.


8 thoughts on “Bahraini’s Ready to Defy Al Khalifa’s Rule at any cost

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