Saudi's Deny the Rights to its Citizens Which Islam Permits

JNN 30 Mar 2011 : Saudi women have been refused the right to participate in the coming municipal elections as  voters as well as  candidates since authorities  say are not prepared  for the move.

“We are not ready for the participation of women in these municipal elections,” AFP quoted the electoral committee head, Abdulrahman al-Dahmash, as telling reporters in the Saudi capital of Riyadh on Monday.

Al-Dahmash pointed out that more time was required to organize the logistics so that women could vote. He also renewed earlier promises that authorities would allow women’s participation in the next ballot.

The report comes as oil-rich Saudi Arabia announced last week that it will hold elections to elect members to 219 municipal councils on April 23.

This is the second time that a long-running ban has stripped Saudi women of their right to stand as candidates or to vote in polls. Their participation was denied in 2005, when the Persian Gulf state held its first municipal elections.

Meanwhile, Saudi Municipal and Rural Affairs Minister Prince Mansour bin Miteb has said a special committee would decide on women’s participation in the forthcoming municipal polls.

“My ministry is not responsible for elections. It is vested on a specialized committee that sets out the rules and regulations for nominations and participants. It will discuss prospects of women’s participation in the coming elections as well as the nature of such participation,” he noted.

Marriage, divorce and children’s custody are rights that Saudi women are still being denied. They are also required to be governed and guarded by male relatives regardless of their capability or compatibility.

Saudi women need permission from a son, a brother or a male relative to travel and own property, irrespective of age.

Political parties are banned in Saudi Arabia and there is no elected parliament. The municipal councils, which have little power, are half filled by appointees of Saudi princes serving as provincial governors.

Minority Shi’ites have staged demonstrations in the Eastern Province, where most of Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are located .

While Suad’s who claims to be Muslims , and follow the Wahabi Sect have contracted the basic Principles of Islam as , the Religion Islam gives complete authority for a women to Marry , as with out the consent of a Women , Marriage can not be done in Islam , and also give authority to women to own any Property they want .

It looks that the Ale Saud are afraid as they have done Miserable Mistakes of suppressing their Citizens  , including Women and did not want to give the legitimate right to the Arabian Women , as these Dictators Doesnt want to loose their grip on the Authoritarian Rule they have Implemented and enjoyed the wealth of it ,On the Most Sacred Land of Islam , as It is the Land of All the Muslims of the World and the Not the House of Saud.

While they are the Best allies of US and the West, who are working for the Zionist Regime Interest , as these  Dictators at presently Invaded Bahrain to crush the Revolution and uprising of the Bahraini Shia Majority , who wants their Legitimate Rights of freedom of Speech , Jobs , and Rights to own Property . While The Shia Being in Majority , are Ruled By the Wahabi Al Khalifa Family who are from the same group of Ale Saud .

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