Shia Around the World Should only rely & Promote their Own Media , as Zionist controlled Western Media Twisting Realities


JNN 03 April 2011 : The Bahraini government has banned the publication of a leading independent newspaper due to its coverage of the popular revolution in the Persian Gulf littoral state.While The BBC has twisted comments by Bahraini Shiite leader Sheikh Ali Salman claiming he said Iran is meddling in the Persian Gulf country’s internal affairs.

Bahrain’s Information Affairs Commission suspended Al-Wasat daily, which has been critical of the government’s brutal crackdown on demonstrators in the country, BNA state news agency reported without giving further details.

The commission also ordered a case to be opened for further investigation by the Public Prosecution.

Masur al-Jamri, a former opposition activist during the uprising in the 1990s, is the editor-in-chief of the Bahraini newspaper.

Last week, Bahrain’s state television accused Al-Wasat of publishing “fabricated and false news” about the “security developments in Bahrain.”

The Bahraini police, backed by Saudi and UAE troops, have intensified the clampdown on anti-government protesters who demand a constitutional monarchy.

Rights groups and opposition parties say hundreds of people have been detained or have gone missing since the protests began in mid-February, with at least 25 people killed and 1,000 others wounded so far.

The falsified report by BBC Persian TV channel earlier this week came as the leader of Bahraini protestors has been under intense pressure from the security forces of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia as he is attempting to prevent the divisive campaigns by Wahhabis to split the opposition.

According to Jawad Fairooz, a member of the opposition al-Wefaq party, the BBC Persian report is simply not true.

Fairooz told BBC Persian reporter “Sheikh Ali Salman has never said in his news conference that a country like Iran which has been meddling in Bahrain’s affairs should stop doing so from now on”.

“He (Sheikh Ali Salman) said we are opposed to interference by any country, whether it is Iran or Saudi Arabia, and foreign countries should not meddle in Bahrain’s internal affairs,” Fairooz said.

Fairooz indeed said Sheikh Ali Salman was keen to emphasize on his opposition to interference by any country including Iran without suggesting it is already meddling in Bahrain’s domestic affairs.

This comes as reporters from western media including the BBC and those of al-Arabia who support Bahrain’s ruler, Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa, are now freely covering the developments in the Persian Gulf kingdom while Al Khalifa regime does not allow any Iranian reporter to enter the country and produce any report on the popular uprising and protestors’ demands.

Media affiliated with Wahhabi regimes including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are trying to cover up the suppression of popular uprising in Bahrain and the direct interference of Saudi Arabian troops and their crimes in helping Al Khalifa regime suppress demonstrators.

Opposition leaders have been facing a psychological war by the media to hide the pro democracy nature of the protests and pretend they are rooted in a dispute between Bahrain’s Shiite majority and its Sunni ruling class.

The media campaign is being implemented by news blackouts on the bloody crackdown on protestors and distortion of related developments.

The Pro-Bahraini regime media claim Iran is organizing the anti-government demonstrations there while hushing up the violence of more than 1,000 Saudi forces deployed in the Persian Gulf kingdom against demonstrators.

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