UK to Defy the UN Mandate By sending troops to Libya


JNN 04 April 2011 :: The UK military will dispatch 600 marines from its Royal Navy taskforce and at least 6 ships to Libya this week in defiance of the UN mandate. Continue reading

Economic Sanctions on Iran reflecting on Dubai's Economy


JNN 04 April 2011 : The unilateral sanctions slapped against Iran have seriously challenged Dubai’s economy and forced the local government to explore other avenues in order to repay its debts. Continue reading

Yemeni forces open fire on Protesters 17 Killed , Dozens Injured

SANAA, Yemen — Security forces and plainclothes gunmen opened fire on crowds of Yemenis marching through a southern city Monday, killing at least 17  and wounding dozens, in an intensifying crackdown against the uprising against the 32-year rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Continue reading