Gaddafi Foriegn Minister was an Implanted MI6 & CIA Double Agent

JNN 04 April 2011 : Former Libyan foreign minister Moussa Koussa, who defected to Britain last week was acting as a double agent for the MI6 and the CIA for a decade, it was revealed.

Libya’s former intelligence chief, who is also known as ‘torturer-in-chief’, has been offered asylum in the UK in return for his help to topple Muammar Qaddafi and his regime.

Koussa had met, John Scarlett, the former head of the UK foreign intelligence agency MI6 in 2001 in London, where he promised to help track down Al-Qaeda activities in North Africa.

The former minister also provided the ground for a British agent to carry out espionage act inside Tripoli.

The UK services and ministry of defense interrogation teams were questioning Koussa at a house in Surrey, according to reports.

He had been made a secret offer to seek refuge in Britain while he was still in Tripoli, but any promise of special protection has provoked anger among those who are seeking Koussa’s prosecution as a war criminal.

“This man should not be granted asylum or any other special treatment; the only proper outcome is to bring him to justice”, said MP Ben Wallace, parliamentary aide to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke.

“Britain needs to make up its mind quickly. There will be no shortage of courts that will readily seek his extradition. The last thing the UK wants is for Koussa to languish, at taxpayers’ expense, in legal no-man’s-land”, said Wallace.

Koussa has also been linked with the Lockerbie bombing and the killing of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in London, in the first few days after the UN-sanctioned attacks on Qaddafi’s military machine on March 19.

Koussa fled Tripoli last Monday night after telling colleagues that he was seeking medical help in Tunisia.

The convoy of official vehicles crossed the Tunisian border and went on to Tunis’s Djerba-Zaris airport. From there, MI6 officers helped charter a private Gulfstream G200 from TAG Aviation to take him to Farnborough, Hampshire in the UK.


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