Arabian Shia’s Protest for the Urgent Withdrawl of Ale Saud’s forces from Bahrain

JNN 10 April 2011 : Hundreds of  Arabian Shia’s  have demonstrated to denounce the presence of Ale Saud’s forces in Bahrain, where they are  helping  the Al Khalifa family  to crack down on Bahraini  protesters.

Videos emerging from Arabia show protest rallies held in Qatif and Awamya cities in Eastern province for the second consecutive day on Saturday.

Protesters condemn the use of 1,000 Ale Saud’s  forces to suppress the popular uprising in Bahrain, calling for the immediate withdrawal of  Ale Saud’s  troops from the country. They also demand the promotion of human rights, freedom of expression and constitutional reforms.

There was no report of clashes or arrests on Friday, although both cities were reportedly surrounded by Saudi troops.

The oil rich Eastern province has been the scene of anti-government protests in recent months.

On March 25, hundreds of protesters hit the streets in the eastern city of Qatif and surrounding villages, demanding the immediate release of what they called forgotten political prisoners. The protesters said the prisoners were being held without trial, some as long as 16 years.

Last month, a Saudi-based human rights group said that authorities had arrested one hundred protesters for taking part or organizing anti-government demonstrations.

Human Rights First Society also revealed that some of the detainees were subject to both physical and mental torture


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