Pakistan Govt agrees to dispatch Forces to Crush the Bahrain’s Shia Uprising

JNN 13 April 2011 : It has been reported by our sources that , Following the latest trip of Bahrain’s Foreign Minister to Pakistan and requesting help from Pakistani government to pacify the protests in Bahrain, the Pakistani Govt have given a green signal to the official Pakistani forces to dispatch to Bahrain to suppress the Legitimate Protest of the innocent & Unarmed Muslim Bahraini people.

We have not received till yet the actual number of Pakistani troops to be deployed to Bahrain. But it is said to be around one thousand to three thousand.

This News has disturbed whole of the nation and specially the Shia community of the country and as and when the actual Number of the forces is confirmed , some Political Parties and Religious Organisations have said that they will Protest and resist this decision at all the forums , which favors the Revolutionary Movements in the Middle East and African Muslim Majority Countries, against the tyrant rulers , who are the Puppets of the Western World controlled by Zionist.

Iran has already voiced its concern on the Invasion of Bahrain by Ale Saud’s and GCC Forces , to help their Henchman the Al Khalifa family , the In just and Tyrant Rulers of Bahrain.

As the Ale Saud is afraid of the Bahrain’s Revolution as they think that if Bahrain can fall then their Rule will also fall as they have also usurped the rights of their People , as the Shiite Population of Arabia , is also living under the Poverty line , while the Rulers family members are the Richest in world .

While the Biggest Revenue the Ale Saud is earning by the tourism Industry , as they control the Most Sacred Places of the Muslims , Makkah & Medina, and yet the Shia Muslims Minority , under their rule live below the poverty line , as they do are not given Jobs in the Government Sector , while they are even discriminated in the Private sector also. And the same applies for the Al Khalifa Family of Bahrain , As to quell the Uprising and the Protest in Bahrain the Ale Saud and the Al Khalifa forces have committed crimes of the worst Nature , and the prosecution of such crimes is not done as they are the allies of the Zionist led US and the West . For the Interest of whom these Governments are working.

Pakistan had earlier endorsed the Saudi-led GCC intervention in Bahrain to shore up the beleaguered government in Manama.

Pak-Bahrain defence cooperation is already in a very good shape. Pakistan had helped Bahrain set up its naval forces and 18 per cent of the Gulf state`s air force comprises Pakistani personnel. It is estimated that almost 10,000 Pakistanis are serving in security services of Bahrain

“Prime Minister Gilani had a proposal ready with him to offer the Bahraini foreign minister recruitment of retired Pakistani military personnel in Bahraini defence forces.

But at this moment when the temperature in the region Is so hot , that the Revolutionary wave is all around and sending the Pakistani forces will not damage Pakistan’s Image , while it will also give rise to sectarianism in Pakistan and in the region. As Pakistan is already in the worst grip of sectarianism , and there is already a Battle between the Takfiri Wahabi and the Barelvi / Shia sect is going on , while the latest battle has started against the Deobandi’s against the Takfiri Wahabi’s , which is very much evident from the Killing of Maulana Hassan Jan , and the attack on the convoy of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman.

The Pakistani government did Bargained with the US Government over the Imprisonment of Raymond Davis , and let the Killer of 3 Pakistani’s , go scot-free, But the population of Pakistan will not let the Pakistani Government send troops to Bahrain, to Kill and crush the Legitimate Demand and Uprising of the Bahraini Brethren .

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