US Army Men & Women both are subjected to Sexual Assault by their fellow Soldiers

JNN 14 April 2011 : A large number of male members of the US military say they have been the victims of sexual harassment by their peers and superiors, a report says. Continue reading

US and West Plays Double Standard in the Conflicts of Libya and Bahrain

JNN 14 April 2011 :Italy has called on the international community to arm Libyan revolutionaries in efforts to aid their fight against the country’s embattled ruler Muammar Gaddafi. While the Ale Saud’s and Al Khalifa’s are committing the most Henious crimes of torturing , Killing the Unarmed Protesters and Abducting Young Men as Young as Teenagers and Women and the West has kept Silence over the Injustice of the Persian Gulf Monarchies. Continue reading