US and West Plays Double Standard in the Conflicts of Libya and Bahrain

JNN 14 April 2011 :Italy has called on the international community to arm Libyan revolutionaries in efforts to aid their fight against the country’s embattled ruler Muammar Gaddafi. While the Ale Saud’s and Al Khalifa’s are committing the most Henious crimes of torturing , Killing the Unarmed Protesters and Abducting Young Men as Young as Teenagers and Women and the West has kept Silence over the Injustice of the Persian Gulf Monarchies.

“The discussion about arming the rebels is definitely on the table … to defend themselves,” AFP quoted Italian Foreign Ministry spokesman Maurizio Massari as saying on Wednesday.

Massari stressed that the measure is not against UN Security Council (UNSC) Resolution 1973, which states that “all necessary measures” should be used to protect civilians.

His comments come as members of the Libya Contact Group gather in Qatar’s capital of Doha for talks on the Libyan conflict.

At the same time Bahraini Unarmed Innocent People are being Martyred by the Ale Al Saud and Al Khalifa Forces and there is no reporting of the Bahrain Uprising in the Zionist Control Western Media, as in the Bahrain these Western Nations have no Interest or their deployed and deputed Agents , as in Libya and Egypt , where they knew if the faces are changed , they ll still be in power , by the second line of their deputed leaders in the Rebels and Opposition.

As now the International Media has disclosed the link of the Rebel Leader of Libya to CIA ,and Al Qaida, who are working and advancing in the best Interest of US and the Western Powers, and the US and West  are involved in the Dirty game of Energy Invasion in Libya, as they did in Iraq and was earlier planned in Afghanistan.

“We want some sort of oil-for-food program like in Iraq,” Massari explained.

But Belgium’s foreign minister said his country was opposed to the plan and that arms were not covered by UNSC Resolution 1973.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle also lent voice to his Belgian counterpart, saying that he sees no military solution to the crisis in Libya.

While in Libya the Game Plan is similar to the Iraqi Plan , where the Once Greatest Ally Saddam Hussain was captured as a Criminal and then executed , as to Increase the share in the energy resources of Iraq, and which later was proved , as there were No. of Ships loads of  Oil , which were never reported but were exported to US . And now the Inquiries are being carried out in the Post US Administration in Iraq even.

Meanwhile, Gaddafi’s former allies, the United States, Britain, France, Canada, Denmark and Belgium have launched airstrikes on Libya since March 19, under the same mandate.

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