Wahabi Al Khalifa's raising down Mosques , suspends Civil Servant , Protesters on the Record Breaking Hunger Strike

JNN 19 April 2011 : Bahrain’s brutal crackdown on anti-government protesters is taking its toll on the civil servants, who have joined the popular revolution.

Over a hundred people among the employees were briefly suspended and face prosecution for their support for the nationwide demonstrations, the Associated Press reported on Sunday.

The Bahrain news agency, the state news outlet, said they were blamed for ‘flagrant violations’ of the country’s civil service law, saying the Teachers’ Union decision to stage a walkout last month was aimed at ‘crippling schools.’

The public started a popular revolution against the royal family that has been ruling the island for over 40 years, on February 14.

Dozens of people have been killed, some of them tortured, and many others gone missing during the crackdown.

Led by Saudi Arabia, some of Bahrain’s Arab neighbors deployed forces in the country in mid-March to reinforce the brutal armed attacks against anti-regime demonstrators. The reinforcements have reportedly contributed to a major hike in the use of extreme violence against popular protests.

Also on Sunday, Bahraini police attacked a funeral procession in the village of Diraz on the northwest coast of Bahrain, where gunfire was also heard,  our correspondent reported.

Clashes have been reported between security forces and anti-government protesters in a district in Sitra, an eastern city.

Government-allied forces also raided the villages of Daih and Sanabis in the north.

Saudi-backed Bahraini forces destroyed a mosque in the Karzakan village in the west. Over the past several weeks, Saudi-backed forces have destroyed several mosques.

A Helicopter has been seen flying at very low altitude over the western Saar village and neighboring areas.

At least two women died on Saturday as a result of the crackdown.

Opposition activists have accused the government of trying to intimidate medical staff to discourage them from treating anti-government protesters.

On April 7, the international medical and humanitarian organization of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) confirmed earlier reports that Manama-paid forces would swoop on the country’s medical centers soon after injured patients trust medical authorities with their identification and inform them that their injuries are protest-related.

A visit by MSF on March 21 found the facility nearly empty.

Earlier in the month, a Press TV correspondent reported that the hospital looked more like a military zone and was being patrolled by secret police.

The Saudi-backed Bahraini government forces have intensified their crackdown on anti-regime protesters and have also demolished two mosques.
Bahraini security forces attacked the crowds in the towns of Sanabis and Daih on Sunday. Gunfire was heard and several people were abducted by the pro-government forces.

Despite a martial law in effect since mid-March, and the arrests of hundreds of opposition figures and political activists to further stifle the opposition, demonstrations continue in Manama and other cities.

Scores of people have been killed and many others gone missing during the crackdown.

Meanwhile, the security forces fired tear gas into several religious sites across the country and two mosques were demolished — one in Karzakan and another in A’ali.

Several mosques have been destroyed so far as part of the Wahabi Ale Saud-backed crackdown.

Earlier this month, a video footage showed a mosque in the northern town of Kawarah destroyed in attacks by Saudi forces.

In a series of pictures depicting the brutal crackdown of anti-regime protests, the video also showed burned pages of the Holy Qur’an buried under masses of debris.

Anti-Saudi sentiment is rising in Bahrain, where people are calling for an end to more than two centuries of Al Khalifa royal family’s rule in the Persian Gulf state.

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