Saudi Monarchy Dividing Arabs on Sectarian Basis , fanning Sectarianism

JNN 20 April 2011 : The Arab League summit that was scheduled to be held on March 29 in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad was cancelled due to the exertion of influence by Saudi Arabia and some Persian Gulf littoral states. Continue reading

Once again Shia Target Killing escalates in Pakistan , 4 Martyred 3 in Karachi 1 in Quetta

JNN 20 April 2011 : Terrorisit of SSP in Broad Day light around 1.00p.m , Targeted & Martyred 3 Shia Men and , in which Basharat Hussain s/o Ghulam Hussain Bangash aged 54 , Syed Shehsawar Ali  s/o Meer Hassanaged 62  and Syed Tahir Hussain s/o Basharat Hussain aged 24 ( son in law of Shaheed Hassan Turabi ) , was coming back from work . Continue reading