Once again Shia Target Killing escalates in Pakistan , 4 Martyred 3 in Karachi 1 in Quetta

JNN 20 April 2011 : Terrorisit of SSP in Broad Day light around 1.00p.m , Targeted & Martyred 3 Shia Men and , in which Basharat Hussain s/o Ghulam Hussain Bangash aged 54 , Syed Shehsawar Ali  s/o Meer Hassanaged 62  and Syed Tahir Hussain s/o Basharat Hussain aged 24 ( son in law of Shaheed Hassan Turabi ) , was coming back from work .

As per the details received by our correspondent ,When they turned their car in the lane adjacent to Salman Plaza, near  Aladin Park , Gulshan e Iqbal ,  Karachi , and the car slowed down on a speed breaker , the awaiting Target Killers , targeted the occupants of the car ,  and fired several shots ,  as a result of which  Basharat Hussain and Shahsawar died at the spot , while Tahir was critically injured , and was shifted to the Jinnah Hospital , and from there he was shifted to Liaqat National Hospital , but inspite of all the efforts , he could not survive and was Pronounced Dead. While after Firing and Killing the Target Killers went away , unhindered as they fired several shots but No Law enforcement personnel reached the spot .

As per the details Martyr Tahir was the son of Martyr Basharat , while Martyr Basharat was the son in Law of Martyr Shehsawar, While  Tahir and Basharat hail from the Kurram Agency , and Shehsawar hailed from the Orakzai Agency. While Tahir Hussain was newly wed and was wedded about couple of Months back

The Bodies of the all the Martyr were shifted to Imambargah e Shuhuda e Karbala , Sadaat Colony ,Incholi, where the funeral prayers was offered at 9.00p.m in the presence of Thousands of Mourners and the Funeral prayers was led by Maulana Ali Mohd. Naqvi and Maulana Jaffer Subhani , and the Burial of the all the Martyr was performed at Wadi e Hussain, Super Highway , Karachi. While Shia Ulema & Political Parties representatives  were present in the Funeral of the Martyrs , which includes , Allama Abbas Kumaili (JAP) ,Allama Hassan Zafar (MWM), Rashid Rabbani (PPP) , Waqar Mehdi (PPP) and Najmi Alam ( PPP) .

The Martyr Basharat Hussain Bangash was a Business men , as he was a wholeseller of Potatoes and Onions in the Karachi Wholesale Vegetable and Fruit Market. It should also be noted that the Brother of Basharat Hussain , Capt Altaf Hussain was also Martyred , some years Back , who was working as the DE , in PTCL ,after taking retirement from the armed forces .

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In another Incident in Quetta , The Dead Body of the Dr.Mumtaz Haider Naqvi ,45 , Head of Department of Psychology Department ,  Quetta , was also recovered from Saryab Road , Quetta, who was kidnapped on 28th March , and his release was under negotiations with the abductors , while the law enforcement agencies  were aware of his abduction as it was reported , the law enforcement agencies miserably failed to rescue him from the abductors .

He was active member of the Imam Bargah Nasir ul Aza, and the Brother in law of Asad Naqvi , the President of Anjuman e Nasir ul Aza , Quetta, and was a Coordinator of the NGO Imamia Medics International (IMI), Quetta Chapter, He was also Kidnapped in the Broad Day light , when he was going to his college with his driver, when the car reached the Golimar Chowk on the Brewery Road. The Victim took him on Gunpoint , and took him forcefully , while they left his driver in the car.

As per the Analyst the Target Killing has escalated in Pakistan once again as the Banned Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba  Pakistan (SSP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi (LoJ), Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) , Jundullah , and all the allied Banned Terrorist Organizations have started re grouping once again , as the fresh flow of funds have been started , by their earlier sponsors Saudi & the GCC States Government , while Saudi Government have officially  allocated US $34 Billion encountering the Insurgency , and the Uprising Movements in the Arabian and the Gulf States , and to counter the threats Internationally and to have a soft image of these countries , the Funds have been allocated to Promote these Monarchies and Dictatorships, while as they are using again the same old Terrorists organizations , which are their Illegitimate children , so the Wahabi element is again trying to rise on the screen. And in this scenario once again they have started their compaign against the Shiite and Shia Citizens of Pakistan.

As the Banned Terrorist Organisation SSP , under the New attire of Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat has  announced a program in Faisalabad , and the  Punjab Government have not obstructed it till yet , as under the Constitution of Pakistan , any Banned Organisation can not arrange or even announce any type of Public gathering or meeting , but even then they have announced and may even organize their Program , as they are being Nurtured under the Protection of Punjab Government , while the Government of Punjab , which is always Pro Wahabi Party and have very great links , with Wahabi Saudi Government .

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