Anti Islam Bahraini Govt razed 28 Mosques and 50 Imambargahs

JNN 22 April 2011 : About 28 mosques and 50 mourning halls have been demolished in Bahrain since the beginning of anti-regime protests in February, a report says. Continue reading

It is High time for Pakistan to choose the Right Strategic Partner , which is China Not US

JNN 22 April 2011 : China is a  Time Tested Friend of Pakistan and strategically it should be noted that in the years to come and the World to be China will prove to be the right choice for Pakistan  , while US Relations with Pakistan have always been Opportunistic , and due to which Pakistan have suffered a lot , Pakistan have always end up Paying big prices for keeping such relations , rather is still paying the heavy cost of Making US the World’s Only Super Power in terms of Terrorism and Instability , economic degradation. Continue reading