Pressure on Britain Govt .Crown Prince of Bahrain Not to attend Britain’s Royal Wedding

JNN 24 April 2011 : Bahrain’s crown prince on Sunday officially regretted to attend  an invitation of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding, saying he did not want the Gulf nation’s unrest to tarnish the celebration.

The Western Media and US Media has however kept silence on the ongoing Revolution and Uprising in the Kingdom of Bahrain, And a very little coverage of the Ongoing Protests around the World , and the Rallies of the Hundred of thousands of Bahraini’s in the Capital Manama ,and the Brutal Crack down on the Protesters , which Includes Men , Women and the Teenagers , who are abducted , tortured and murdered in custody, which has badly dis credited the claims of the US and the Western Media of Independent Reporting , and coverage from around the World , and in this event a New Media has emerged that have kept on Publishing and Posting the Latest Updates of Bahrain and the Right Side of the Protests not only in Bahrain ,but Protest rallies and facts from aroud the World.

And it was this Media Campaign which Highlighted the Revolution of the oppressed that have Put Pressure on the Britain’s Government and the Royal family to open a Back Channel Diplomacy to put Pressure on the Crown Prince of Bahrain Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa to Keep away from the Royal Wedding , and to let the Wedding Ceremony carry on in a Peaceful Manner , as there are already Lot of other resistances for the Royality of Britain because of the Wrong Decisions of the Britain Government , Whether it may be Afghanistan , Iraq or Palestine .

An official statement said Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa wrote to Prince Charles to send his regrets after questions emerged over inviting a member of Bahrain’s Sunni monarchy, which has waged a wide-ranging crackdown against Shiite protesters calling for more freedoms.

The British royal family  invited 46 foreign royals to attend the Friday April 29 nuptials at Westminster Abbey, London, and Bahrain’s Salman bin Hamad al-Khalifa was reportedly to sit just behind the British royal family during the ceremony.

But The brutal treatment of Bahraini demonstrators ordered by the Persian Gulf country’s royals has been the focus of Independent media around the world over the past weeks and now the Western Nations and the Human Rights groups have no other stance then to condemn the Brutal Crack down and the drawn international condemnation.

Bahrain’s rulers have imposed martial law and are backed by a Saudi-led military force to try to quell the uprising. At least 30 people have died in Bahrain since mid-February, including four who died while in official custody, and many well-known activists and lawyers have been imprisoned.

The prince was among more than 40 foreign royals invited to the wedding at London’s Westminster Abbey on April 29. Human Rights campaigners complained Saturday when palace officials said he was invited, and some petitioned Foreign Secretary William Hague to revoke the invitation.

The prince said he was “saddened and troubled” by British reports about his attendance.

“While these (media reports) have certainly highlighted a number of significant issues currently facing the Kingdom of Bahrain, they have fundamentally misrepresented my own views, outlook and position on recent events and thus, clearly sought to involve my potential attendance as a political proxy for wider matters involving Bahrain.”

A Buckingham Palace spokesman confirmed that he was informed Sunday about the prince’s decision.

The prospect of the Bahraini crown prince ‘honoring’ the royal wedding has led human rights campaigners in Britain to demand Foreign Secretary William Hague to withdraw the invitation.

As the crown Prince Salman bin Hamad was the Part and Parcel of the regime’s Brutallities , as Earlier this week, Salman bin Hamad praised the “relentless efforts of Bahrain’s security forces to maintain security and stability.”

The Bahraini regime declared martial law and deployed army forces on the streets in the capital Manama and other cities while gaining military help from its neighbors, including Saudi Arabia.

The Human Rights Watch has slammed the Bahraini regime’s treatment of demonstrators.

According to the body’s deputy Middle East director of human rights, Joe Stork, “Bahrain has created a state of fear, not a state of safety.”


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