Protests continues around the world to Denounce the suppression of Bahraini Revolution

JNN 25 April 2011 : About one thousand Turkish people mainly Shia Muslims met in Taksim Square in order to condemn the  cruelty of the Dummy kings who have  Brutally crushed and  tortured Bahraini Population since 14 February. They also tried to convey their message to whole of the Muslim World.

A Protest was Organised , In the night of 22 April, Friday, hundreds of young people came together in front of Galatasaray High School , which pioneered Zeynebiye Youth and then, they started to walk through Istiklal Street by handing torches.

The protesters were waving Bahrain flags and holding torches which symbolize brilliant future of effected people of Bahrain at Taksim Square with slogans which are “Bahrain’s people are not alone”, “don’t sleep humanity, make a claim to Bahrain”, “down with America”, “down with Israel” , “ Muslims are siblings, Zionists are treacherous”, “ Murderer Saudi, go away from Bahrain” , “ son of America, King of Arabia”.

People passing from there also Joined their hand by expressing their supports for Bahrain. The protest was attended by native and foreign press. The people met in front of Taksim Monument listened to press release. The press release was read by Kasım Alcan, who is Zeynebiye Press Curator

In the protest, a symbol of Arabic and English currency was also carried. The Imam of Zeynebiye Mosque, Hamit Turan, Turkey Representative of Ahlulbeyt Institution, Rahmi Onursan, The Imam of Bagcılar Imam Ali Mosque, Hasan Karabulut, Imam of Parseller Hz. Resul-i Ekrem Mosque, Ammar Ilter, The Imam of Arnavutköy Hz. Fatımat’uz Zehra Mosque Ziya Gok, The Imam of Sahintepe Imam Rıza Mosque, Musa Atıs, candidate for the senate of Istanbul, Ali Ozgunduz, some representatives of non-governmental organization and Ahlul Bayt lovers participated to the protest


Thousands of Iraqi people rallied in Baghdad on Saturday to demand the immediate withdrawal of Saudi troops from Bahrain.

Thousands people around the World have expressed anger over the movement of forces from gulf states into Bahrain to help its royal family squash pro-democracy rallies.

Protesters in central Baghdad on Saturday chanted “no to al-Saud.” Some carried banners which read “Saudi occupation should end” and “Why is there Arab silence toward the massacres committed in Bahrain?.”

“We advise (our) brothers in Saudi Arabia to immediately withdraw from Bahrain,” Hadi al-Amiri, Iraq’s transportation minister and head of the Badr Organization, which arranged the protest, said in an address to demonstrators.

Badr is the former armed wing of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council (ISCI), a main faction in Iraq’s Shi’ite alliance, which also includes that of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

Maliki has criticized the intervention by Gulf states in Bahrain and said it could spark a sectarian war in the region.

Amri criticized Bahraini authorities for suppressing its population and asked the Arab League and human rights groups to do fact-finding missions in the Gulf Arab kingdom.

“Barbarian acts against people asking for freedom should stop and the Saudi occupation is not tolerated anymore,” Hadi al-Ghurabi, a Shi’ite cleric said.

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