Protest Rallies for the Oppressed People of Bahrain gaining Momentum

JNN 02 May 2011 Karachi : A Big rally was taken out in Karachi , on Sunday the 1st May 2011, to show the solidarity with the Oppresed People of Bahrain, which was attended by thousands of Men, women, and Youngsters, while hundred were wearing “ Kafan “ to show there complete support with the Oppressed People of Bahrain , as it gives the Notion that , they are ready to die , to save and support the Just cause of Bahraini People .

The  rally was Organized by  the Shia Action Committee to denounce the Brutallities done By Al Khalifa , the ruler of Bahrain and supported by Al Saud in killing , torturing and Abducting the Innocent citizens of Bahrain

The Protest Rally started at Numaish Chowrangi ,and then went to the Sea Breeze Medical Complex , while the Participants were chanting Slogans “ Ale Saud Ale Yahood “ Down with American “ Down with Israel, “ Death to the Murderer Al Khalifa “

At the end of the rally the different speakers which included Shia Action Committee leaders Maulana Buland Naqvi, Maulana Abdul Karim, Maulana Riaz Hussain Tahiri, addressed to the participants , and Highly condemned the brutalities done by the Bahraini regime and the Ale Saud in supporting and Crushing the Revolution by Invading Bahrain to crush the uprising , which is also in their country.Speakers added that the government of Pakistan to condemn these brutalities on the official level and they should make it a point not to be a part of these atrocities committed by the Bahraini and Saudi forces, Not even by recruiting the Men for the forces of Bahrain , to help them crush the revolution , By under mining the rights and Just cause of Bahraini people to claim their Just & legal rights .

The Speaker Khanum Zehra Najfi also highlighted the Desacration of the Holy Quran and Demolition of the mosques and Imambargahs by the Bahraini and Ale Saud forces, which is a highly criminal act , not to be pardoned even if it is done by Infidels , while the Bahraini and Ale Saud forces , which are real Munafiqs , Infidels in the dressing of Muslims , who are the agents of Zionist , acting in letter and spirit against Islam and The Muslims of the World.

The last speaker was Mr.Ali Ausat who clearly mentioned in his speech that the Ale Saud and their Henchmen , and their local agents are trying to paint the Uprising and the Revolution of Bahrain on sectarian grounds and claiming it to be a struggle between the Shia Population and the Wahabi Rulers, while he clearly rejected this idea and conspiracy theory ,  and he said that there is nothing of this Nature , as we have Protested and have taken out rallies in favour of the Just cause and Rights of Libya , Yemen , and other Middle Eastern countries. And Painting the Revolution and our support for the Bahraini revolution on sectarian ground is a complete conspiracy theory , which is done under the flag of Ale Saud , as the past have Proved that the creation of Taliban , Sipah e Sahaba , Lashkar e Jhangvi, Jundullah and all the allied Organisations were purely sectarian on Ideologically and Physical grounds, which were created and sponsored by Ale Saud to Dis Integrate the Muslims , to fulfil the plans of the Zionist , to divide and rule the Muslims of the World.

The Zionist controlled Media of the World is tight lipped on the atrocities committed by the Al Khalifa family in colabration with Ale Saud who are Partners in crime , and these agents of the Zionist enjoy the full support of the their Zionist Masters US and the West , but this Criminal Silence have raised the curtain over their hidden relationship with their sponsors, and the muslims of the World are now well aware of the facts and they are just waiting for the right time to take the control of their Mostly Holly and sacred Land of Mecca and Medina from these Munafiqeen.

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