Iran to establish regional music centers in two provinces

JNN 05 May 2011 TEHRAN — Two regional music centers are to be set up in the two provinces of Sistan-Baluchestan and Golestan in the future, the executive manager of the 7th Regional Music Festival, Ali Torabi announced on Tuesday.  Continue reading

34 Killed and Dozens More injured in 2 Car Bomb Blasts in the Shia areas of Hila and Dora ,Iraq

BAGHDAD — A suicide car bomber crashed his vehicle into a barrier outside a police building in central Iraq on Thursday morning, killing 18 policemen and wounding dozens more, a local councilman said. While in a separate Incident On Tuesday, a car bomb tore through a cafe in Baghdad packed with young men watching a football match on TV, killing at least 16 people. Continue reading

Killer of Unarmed Protesters Al Khalifa, now Prosecuting Doctors and Nurses Just for their treatment of Bahraini Protesters

JNN 05 May 2011 : Bahrain’s justice minister has said 47 medical workers will be charged with acting against the state during the recent unrest in the Gulf kingdom. Continue reading