Killer of Unarmed Protesters Al Khalifa, now Prosecuting Doctors and Nurses Just for their treatment of Bahraini Protesters

JNN 05 May 2011 : Bahrain’s justice minister has said 47 medical workers will be charged with acting against the state during the recent unrest in the Gulf kingdom.

Cases have been made against 23 doctors and 24 nurses , as they are being Prosecuted Just for performing their duties of giving Medical assistance to the Injured and tortured Protesters which the Wahabi Al Khalifa  monarchy inflicted .

Medics are being punished for doing their Professional duties of treating the Injured and tortured  protesters hurt in clashes with security forces.

On Monday, two ex-MPs from main Shia opposition group Wifaq were also arrested.

Matar Matar and Jawad Fairuz were taken from their homes in the evening and had not been heard of since, members of Wifaq said.

Mr Matar had continued to speak out against Bahrain’s heavy-handed clampdown on demonstrators, the imposition of martial law in 15 March, and the bringing in of troops from neighbouring Ale Saud and Wahabi -ruled Gulf states.

Medical profession ‘abused’

Bahraini forces stormed the Salmaniya Medical Centre in Manama – the country’s largest hospital – last month as they attempted to quell the protests led mostly by Shia majority community.

These Al Khalifa’s and Ale Saud’s forces have even abducted the Medics , and tortured them , while they have not taken part in any protests or demonstrations , they were only performing their duty of giving Medical assistance to the Injured and Tortured Protesters , who were beaten and tortured by the Al Khalifa and Ale Saud forces, who have even abducted and prisonsed Innocent citizens , even only by checking there I.D ‘s and if they thought , they are from the Shia community , they have imprisoned them . They are the worst example of Promotion of Sectarian Hatred among people , while there is no clash between the General Sunni citizens and Shia citizens , as they have been living like friends , and brothers in harmony for ages, but the Government of Al Khalifa and Ale Saud are Promoting Sectarianism , just to Prolong their rule , as even some Sunni Citizens have take part in the Protests against the Al Khalifa Government.

At the same time the International Zionist Controlled Media is also reporting in favour of their Zionist Stoges Al Khalifa and Ale Saud , who are Criminals of the Worst kind ,as they have abducted , tortured and Killed a Number of Shia Protesters.Who were Just asking for their Legal Rights , freedom to choose their rulers , as the present Al Khalilfa’s are the looting the National Wealth and have usurped the rights of the Majority of Citizens .

Physicians for Human Rights has said there is “hard evidence of systematic and co-ordinated attacks against medical personnel because of their efforts to provide unbiased care for wounded protesters”.

At least 30 people have been killed in Bahrain since mid-February. Among them were four policemen, and four opposition supporters who died in custody. More than 400 other people are facing trial.

Last week, four Shias were sentenced to death and three others jailed for life by a military court for the alleged killing of two security men. Human rights groups have urged the Bahraini authorities to halt the sentences.

The media watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, added King Hamad Bin Issa Al Khalifa to its blacklist of “predators” against press freedom.

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