EU takes notice of the executions of the Bahraini Protesters

JNN 06 May 2011 EU foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, has expressed deep concern over the imminent executions of four anti-government protesters in Bahrain. Continue reading

Egypt’s New Regime to have Diplomatic ties with Iran , But harsh on the previous Govt Looters and Plunderers

JNN 06 May 2011 : Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has attached special importance to the expansion of ties with Egypt and announced joint Tehran-Cairo efforts to reestablish embassies. Continue reading

Ex Shia Bahraini MP embraced Martydom by the torture of Al Khalifa forces , while Ale Saud have send more troops to further crush the Revolution

JNN 05 May 2011 : A former Bahraini lawmaker and member of the country’s main opposition group has been declared dead in a hospital after being held in custody of the Manama regime. Continue reading