Thousands Moroccan Protest to demand Justice , End to Unemployement and constitutional Monarchy

JNN 09 May 2011 : Thousands of Moroccan protesters have taken to the streets of Marrakesh to call for reforms and demand the King give up some of his powers.

It was the second such protest in two days. Over 7,000 demonstrators demanded a new constitution and an end to corruption in the country.

They also condemned last month’s bomb attack that left 17 people dead in Marrakesh.

On Saturday, hundreds held a similar rally in the city, calling on the ruling monarchy to make changes to its policies.

“The king must not be at the center of power there must be a separation of power,” AFP quoted a protester as saying.

Several massive rallies have been held since protests began back on February 20.

Human rights and civil groups as well as independent journalists have also joined the movement.

The king has already announced some reforms in an effort to silence protesters.

But the protesters say that the ruling monarchy must make serious changes to the way it is running the country.

They are demanding constitutional reforms that would reduce King Mohammed’s powers and make the justice system more independent.

The protesters want an end to corruption, prison torture, and unemployment.

The Monarchy is desperate to avoid an Egyptian- or Tunisian-style revolution.

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