Saudi Consulate attacked in Karachi

JNN 11 May 2011 Karachi : Authorities say two motorcyclists threw two grenades On the Saudi Embassy and fled the scene. One of the grenades landed inside the compound, leaving no damage or casualties. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Officials say the attack is a possible reaction to the US killing of Osama bin Laden.

Last week, US President Barack Obama announced that the al-Qaeda leader was killed by US forces in a hiding compound near Islamabad.

Washington’s refusal to provide photos of bin Laden’s body and the announcement that he was buried at sea has fuelled serious doubts about the claim.

Many Pakistanis believe that Saudi Arabia funds al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups in the region in a bid to serve American and Israeli interests in the troubled region.

Moreover, rights activists have also staged several protest rallies outside the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Karachi, censuring the Saudi armed interference in crushing popular anti-government protest in Bahrain.

The rallies come after Saudi-backed forces destroyed more than a dozen mosques in the Persian Gulf state of Bahrain over recent weeks.

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