US & UK have secret agenda of Neo Colonial Rule which started with 9/11 from Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Yemen

JNN 11 May 2011 : Britain and the US have clinched agreement to expand their operations beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan and into Yemeni territories, defence sources say.

The British Prime Minister has offered the US government his country’s SAS anti-terrorists units to get involved in hunting down prominent terrorists anywhere in the world.

David Cameron, who is apparently overjoyed by the claimed killing of al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden at the hands of US special troops, has agreed that the elite British troops be deployed beyond Afghanistan in order to assassinate al-Qaeda commanders.

This is while that Britain already has counter-terrorist teams located in the North West Frontier Province in Pakistan and in Yemen, where they are responsible for training indigenous troops in counter-insurgency, counter-IED and counter-intelligence techniques.

According to defence sources, Britain and the US have clinched agreement to expand their operations beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan and into Yemeni territories.

The hunt for prominent terrorists, such as Ayman al-Zawahri, al-Qaeda’s second-in-command, and Mullah Omar, the  Taliban leader, would continue in and around the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region as well, defence sources said.

A senior officer warned that despite the death of al-Qaeda’s leader, the terrorist organisation will still remain a potent threat for years to come.

“Al-Qaeda has lost momentum, and the death of bin Laden will only make it more difficult for the organisation to conduct attacks. It will hard for al-Qaeda to find another iconic figure but despite this we should avoid talk of ‘winning’”, he said.

“This is a useful military event which should be used to help deter the threat. It demonstrates the reach and persistence of the US government to achieve justice. But, overall, I believe this is a case of ‘situation, no change’. This was a significant event during a long campaign”, added the unnamed officer.

The point that should be noted here that Al Qaeda was created with the Patronage of Saudi Backed Osama Bin Laden , who was a Had contacts with CIA , and had visited US several times for the Procurement of weapons and who’s funds were allocated by the Saudi Government , while Ale Saud were the Biggest Ally of the US and the West , and it should also be noted that is being now proved by the Previous History that Al Qaeda is the one who have given reasons for the US to Invade the countries , which they have Invaded whether it may be Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now the Present Situation tells that next will be yemen, and as this lines shows us the Direction, the biggest Presence of the Al Qaida and its related organisation have their presence in Pakistan, so which clearly shows that the next target of US Invasion , will be Pakistan. For which they have been working for long and even the latest Execution Drama of Osama Bin Ladin in Pakistan is a strong point for the US to Invade Pakistan on the ground of Al Qaida Presence , So in other words Al Qaida is the facilitator for the CIA , to make ground for the US Invasions , so they can plant there cronies , for the Plan of Ne0Colonial Rule , which they are trying to implement as the New World Order , so as  they should not be the  Only Super Power of the World , but as the Only power of the World.

At least 20 people have suffered injuries after Yemeni security forces opened fire on a group of anti-government protesters in the western city of Hudaydah.

Thousands of protesters staged a rally in the city on Tuesday to call for the immediate ouster of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who has been in power since 1978, Xinhua news agency reported.

Police forces then opened fire to disperse the anti-government march. Witnesses say those injured were shot by live rounds.

According to local reports, at least 300 protesters have been killed and many others left injured in an ongoing brutal crackdown by state security forces. The anti-government protests began to sweep Yemen in January.

President Saleh has been in office for more than three decades, with several opposition members arguing that his long-promised reforms have not materialized.

There are concerns that intermittent skirmishes between anti-government demonstrators and forces loyal to Saleh could eventually spiral out of control and trigger a large-scale violence.

Some 40 percent of Yemen’s population lives on less than $2 a day or less, and a third is wrestling with chronic hunger.

Some 31.5 percent of the population is “food insecure”, and around 12 percent are “severely food insecure,” according to the United Nations

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