Syria introduces new reforms, army ends its mission in Homs

JNN 13 May 2011 DAMASCUS- In a fresh endeavor to show its determination to push forward reforms, Syria has introduced a new package of reforms while the government troops ended its mission in the central province of Homs. Continue reading

NATO forces busy bombing Tripoli as Libyan rebels seek legitimacy, aid to survive

JNN 13 May 2011 TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI– NATO warplanes continued to rain bombs on the Libyan capital of Tripoli Thursday, causing further civilian casualties and damage, as Libyan opposition forces are seeking more international recognition and aid. Continue reading

Unending Crackdown By Ale Saud backed Ale Khalifa forces , may change the Protest into Armed Struggle by Bahraini’s

JNN 12 May 2011 Manama : A Bahraini group has said it might retaliate against the Bahraini government, which has been waging a deadly crackdown against peaceful protesters for months. Continue reading