Detained Terrorist confesses the Plan for insurgency in Syria

JNN 13 May 2011 : Syria’s state television has aired confessions by an armed terrorist group, pointing to its plans to launch attacks against government forces and institutions.

The confessions bore out assertions by Syrian authorities that armed gangs — as well as foreign elements — are behind recent unrests that have claimed the lives of hundreds, including security forces across the country since March.

Safi Yassin, one of the terrorists that are currently in the government’s custody, blamed the violence on Salafi sheiks that subscribe to an extremely intolerant interpretation of Islam.

He said they would call for a liberation movement and incite worshippers to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government during their Friday prayer sermons.

Yassin said the preachers would call for the establishment of a Salafi state, admitting that people were supplied with weapons and ammunition to attack security and army forces.

Another terrorist member, Ismail al-Bayyasi, charged with vandalism and murder, said that part of the group’s plan was to plant mines in key areas.

On Wednesday, at least two military officers were killed and five soldiers injured by armed terrorist groups during Syrian military’s anti-terror operations in the Bab Amr district of the western city of Homs.

Mr Husein, who was detained at the start of the unrest but freed a few days later, said Ms Shabaan had told the opposition that security forces had been given strict orders not to fire on crowds on Friday.

Ms Shabaan also said talks would continue next week, Mr Husein added.

However some reports suggested security forces were being deployed in cities where protests are expected.

In the central city of Homs, a resident told AP news agency that soldiers had set up sand barriers with machine guns perched on top, and said that three tanks were still in the area.

“It seems they are getting ready for tomorrow,” he told AP.

Syrian soldiers and tanks also surrounded the city of Hama, the news agency reported.

On Wednesday, 18 people were reportedly killed as tanks shelled Homs and clashes were reported in towns and villages around Deraa, where the protests began.

Security forces also broke up thousands of students taking part in a demonstration in Aleppo, Syria’s second largest city, witnesses said.

The protest, thought to have been be the city’s biggest so far, demanded an end to the military siege of other cities in Syria including Homs, Deraa and Banias, the main cities of dissent against Mr Assad.

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