TTP once again trying to enter Kurrum Agency , to inflict casualties to the People of Parachinar

 JNN 14 May 2011 HANGU: Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Thursday issued leaflets in Kurram Agency orddering the residents to follow its “code of conduct” or face the consequences.

The militants asked the men in lower Kurram valley to grow beards and the women to remain veiled outside their home. The women were instructed to stay at homes and never move out if unaccompanied by immediate family members.

The TTP further said that spending lavishly on weddings and arranging music on such occasions was strictly forbidden in Islam and warned the people to avoid all such practices. The militants also asked the people to offer prayers regularly and pay at least Rs5,000 salary to the prayer leaders in every mosque of the area.

They asked the people to avoid drugs and usury in the area. The leaflets said those involved in such practices must meet Taliban leaders in the area to clarify their position.

The militants directed individuals working with the non-governmental organisations to quit their jobs and clarify their position in the Taliban courts. Through the leaflets, the militants also fixed Rs70,000 cash and 20 grams of gold as dowry for girls.

TTP is trying to get hold of the Kurrum Agency , and is fiercly trying to induce Talibanisation in the Kurrum Agency , as they want to further inflict heavy losses to the People of Parachinar , which is in the Upper Kurrum Agency , As the Brave Men of Parachinar have couple of times , thrown these Criminals out of bounds of Kurrum Agency and especially Parachinar and adjoining villages , after heavy fights in which , dozens of Momineen have embraced martyrdom, But the Brave men of Parachinar have vowed not to let them in or around Parachinar , and these TTP men are also afraid of entering the Parachinar region , and it is because of this they have sieged the Parachinar for the last four years , and attacking the children , women and men who are alone and try to cross the patch of the Tal – Parachinar Road , controlled by the TTP .

The Kurrum Agency is strategically the safest way to enter Afghanistan , and due to resistance from the People of Parachinar , The terrorist can not pass through this route, and even the security forces are trying to pressurize the People of Parachinar to give access to the Haqqani Network , and others as they can wage a war against the US forces , But the TTP which is working in the best interest of CIA , is not letting the Government and the other parties to implement a peace accord between the different parties , so the Parachinar – Tal Road can be opened , for safe travelling , and the miseries of the People of Parachinar can be reduced, as due to the siege , they are always short of Medicines , Groceries ,and all  the daily necessities of life.

While the Youth of Parachinar are also taking out rallies in the different cities of Pakistan , and they have put a permanent Hunger Strike Camp infront of the Parliament House for the last 24 Days , to Protest against the siege and closure of the Tal – Parachinar Road .

Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani directed for payment of Rs one billion on Friday by the Ministry of Finance for payment of compensation to the affected families of sectarian clashes in Kurram Agency. Talking to FATA parliamentary delegation,

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