Within 48hrs Another Shia Man Targeted and Killed in the same Orangi Town Area of Karachi

JNN 14 May 2011 Karachi : In the early Morning hours of Friday S.Majid Hussain 30 , s/o S. Mubbark  Hussain was martyred , in the limits of Orangi Town area of 11 ½ , near Rais Amrohvi colony .

He was Targetted about 6.30a.m , when he was waiting for his Company Transport at the Main Road of Rais Amrohvi Colony , Orangi No. 11 ½  , to Him pick up , to take him to the factory ,where he was a regular employee. He was fired upon about 12 rounds , for which he died at the spot , and the Killer , ran away from the scene , unhindered ,without any resistance from area Police .It should also be noted that this is a 2nd Target Killing , with in 48hrs of the earlier Murder of a Shia Man in the same area , while the law enforcement agencies have still not taken any step to counter , such threats in the Orangi town limits , for the Shia Community Members ,the deceased  have left behind a Widow and two Young Kids. while he was the sole earner of the family .

His Funeral prayer was  offered at Hyderi Mosque, Orangi Town, after the Friday Prayers ,  and he was buried at a near By Grave Yard in Orangi Town.

He was working at a Private factory, and was a Hard Worker , and was not associated with any Political or Religious Group as told by his friends and family, and had no enemity with any body, except that  he was a member of the Shia Muslim Community , and was residing in an area , which is has been , already highlighted by the Law Enforcement Agencies , and by the criminal who have confessed in their confessional statements , that the Orangi Town Limits , is suppose to be a Safe Heaven for  the Killer, and terrorist of all kinds, to take refuge ,and to carry out their criminal activities from their Dens in the Limits of Orangi Town,

And as a result of all of this , The Innocent and Poor shia Community member , who are being targeted and killed , for  the only crime they have done is that they have always raised their voice against the Mastermind of all the evils , The Americans and the Zionist , and have condemned them at all levels , and for not Joining the forces of the evil ,  the Shia Community becomes the No. 1 Target of these evil forces , who want to defame Islam and above all want to disintegrate Pakistan.

And the Lead at present in these activities of Defaming Islam and Joining the Plot to disintegrate Pakistan is been taken by Tehrik e Talibaan Pakistan, which has even been recently, heavily funded by the Saudi’s , And due to these fundings  an upsurge can be easily noticed  , as the terrorist activities of these criminal , who are also supporting their subsidiaries like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ,Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah and other allied Banned Terrorist Organisations , who want to fan sectarian violence , in Pakistan between the Shia and the Sunni Community , But again as the Leaders of the Shia Community have already pointed out , and have distinguished between the Saudi Funded Criminal Wahabi Terrorist Organisations and the Brotherly Sunni Population , who have been living in Peace and Harmony , even before the birth of Pakistan,  as they even have family terms and relations between each other due to closeness and inter marriages between them.

The Government even have to take a serious note of these developments , and they also have to differentiate between friends and foes . As we know there are Black sheeps in the Government also but the Armed forces of Pakistan are Patriotic and Loyal to Pakistan , while they also have to play a very important role in guiding the Establishment to take notice , of these Black sheeps , who even after experiencing all the difficulties , and are trying to potray the enemies of Pakistan , as  friends , as at this step a single wrong  turn will lead the Pakistani Nation into a Big Disaster.

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3 thoughts on “Within 48hrs Another Shia Man Targeted and Killed in the same Orangi Town Area of Karachi

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