In 5 Days 3rd Shia Victim of Target Killing embraced Martrydom in Karachi

JNN 16 May 2011 : Mohd Bilal 22 s/o Mohd. Buksh embraced Martyrdom ,when he was tartgeted in Mujahid Colony ,near Nazimabad No. 4 , Karachi when the Terrorist of Tehreek e Taliban , Fired Multiple shots at him .

In the evening of Monday Night when Mohd. Bilal was sitting at his “Dubbo Center” Shop in Mujahid Colony , near his residence , 4 assailants Namely Sakhi Gul , Sanam Gul , Nasir & Fazal came loaded with Latest Automatic weapons in the area and restored to heavy firing , as due to heavy firing all the area people got scattered , at that time  Mohd Bilal was still in his shop with his friends , at that Moment Sanam Gul came in his shop, and fired Multiple rounds aiming Mohd. Bilal , of which he got critically injured and one of his friend Sunny were also fired upon , who was also hit in the neck , after the firing the terrorist sped away , as the area Police also came in for the rescue, but could not apprehend the criminal as they have already fled the scene, Both the victims of the firing were rushed to the nearby Zia ud din Hospital , but Bilal could not scumb to his injuries ,and was pronounced dead , while sunny is still in the ICU , and is being treated to save his life.

As per our staff reporter , Bilal belong to the Meer Alam , Rajpoot Community , which is mainly a Sunni Muslim Community , but Bilal and his elder Brother has converted to Shia Islam , and were practicing Shia Muslims , and the Motive of Target Killing is to sow the seed of Sectarianism in a Community , which was Harmoniously living in Peace & tranquility ,as the assailants , belong to the Taliban Network , but at present they were Under the cover of ANP , and they were also the office bearer of the Local ANP office, But as per the residents of the area , which compromises of Shia and Sunni Both sects , the terrorist who Killed the Shia Men , were actually from the ranks of Taliban, but using the cover of Awami National Party.

Bilal was Unmarried , and was living with his family , which comprised of his 4 Brother and an Old Mother. His Funeral Prayers were offered at Imambargah Shah e Karbala Rizvia Society , and his burial was done at the Paposh Nagar Graveyard .

The Leader of JAFFARIA ALLIANCE PAKISTAN , Moulana Hussain Masoodi have highly condemned the target Killing of Mohd Bilal , as the Terrorist are trying to sow sectarianism in the Muslim Shia and Sunni communities ,who are living in Harmony otherwise ,as was in the case of Mohd Bilal who have no Problem in living with his family and friends who were Shia and Sunni both , He  have urged the government to apprehend the Terrorist urgently as the eyewitness have even nominated the Killers in the FIR, and uncover the Network , and also Investigate the Matter deeply as how the Terrorist of Banned Organisations are taking the cover , under the Flags of different Political parties , and achieving their goals of Sectarianism , Terrorism which is the worst enemy of the Muslim Ummah.

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