ISO & JSO Karachi Rallies to Protest the US & Israeli Brutalities

JNN 16 May 2011 Karachi : A Protest Rally was Organised by the Imamia Students Organisation to condemn the Hegemonial US Policies and to condemn the 63rd Foundation day of the Zionist State of Israel and to show the support to the Palestanian State , and also to condemn the US forces Operation on the Pakistani Land for the So called Operation Osama Bin Ladin on 1 May 2011, which breached the Soverignity of Pakistan.

While the Rally ,which was taken out by ISO , was organized from Purani Numaish to Fountain Chowk , in front of the Governor House .

In these rallies Thousands of Men , Women, Youth took Part , which were all the way chanting Slogans , “Down with US , “ Down with Israel” and  “ Long Live Pakistan” , they were also chanting Slogans , “We Made Pakistan -We will Save Pakistan”.

At the end of the ISO Rally all of the Participants gathered at the Fountain Chowk, where the Speakers Delivered very Emotional and Fiery Speeches , they condemned the creation of Illegitimate State of Israel , which was created at the cost of Lives and Land of Palestinian People , which  are till now suffering the brutalities of the Israeli occupation of their land and resources , under the Hegemonial Rule of US and the West .

The Rally was addressed by Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslameen (MWM) Sindh secretary General Maulana Mukhtar Imami, former ISO Central President Hassan Zaidi, Central President of Pasban Altaf Shakoor and Imamia Organization Chairman Kumail Abbas condemned the criminal silence of Muslim rulers on the brutality of Israel against the oppressed people of Palestine.

The speakers also condemned the US forces Operation on the Pakistani Land , which led to the so called Killing of Osama Bin Ladin, which breached the sovereignty of Pakistan. And they said that the Pakistani Population , and especially the Shia community is well aware of the Nefarious Designs of  US ,and US should not think of eyeing the resources and the strategically located land of Pakistan , as they vowed that The Shia Population have taken a Big Part in making Pakistan, and now in the hours of Need  , they are ready to sacrifice their lives to save Pakistan.

Majlis-e-Wehdat Muslameen (MWM) Sindh Secretary General Maulana Mukhtar Imami demanded of the Government and Pakistan Army to cut their Diplomatic  ties with United States after the attack of American forces in Abbottabad. As carrying out Operation on a soverign land is a terrorist activity , which should be condemened at all the forums and levels.

The leaders in their addresses underline the need of unity among the Muslims of the world to foil the American, Israeli and Indian conspiracies . They further added that the unity of the Muslim Ummah is the key factor  for the independence of Palestine. and gave the vision that the Islamic awakening in Middle East and North African countries will lead to the towards the freedom of Palestine also.

They demanded the World Community, United Nation, European Union, OIC and other Human Rights Organizations to take immediate Practical action to end the four years long siege of Gaza from the Zionist  forces.

They applauded the resistance of Hizbullah, Hammas, Jihad-e-Islami and oppressed people of Palestine against the Zionist atrocities

At the end of the rally participants torched the flags of United States and Zionist regime of  Israel chanting “Down with America” and “Down with Israel”, to show their condemnation of the US Policies and Israeli Brutalities done against the Muslims of the world


Jafria Students Organisation also Held a series of  rallies under the directives of Shia Cleric Allama Syed Sajid Ali Naqvi  , tthrough out different cities of the Pakistan , Karachi, Rawalpindi, Lahore, D.I.Khan, Multan, Larkana, Nawabshah, Khairpur, Sukkur, Hyderabad and other parts of the country  to condemn the Dictatorial Rules in Yemen, Libya, Bahrain, and to show their support to the People of these countries and  Also in support of Youth of Parachinar , in Karachi it was Organised from Regal Chowk to the Press Club .

The Central Hemayat-e-Mazloomeen rally in support of oppressed people of Palestine, Bahrain, Yemen, Kashmir, and Parachinar was taken out from Regal Chowk to Karachi press club, which was addressed by the JSO Central President Hassnain Haider , Shia Ulema Council leader Allama Ali Mohammad Naqvi, Allama Kamran Haider

Addressing the participant  the speaker condemned the role of United Nation and other World organization for not taking any Practical actions against  the Zionist regime of  Israel and its atrocities and Brutalities committed on the Palestinian Muslims. They also highlighted  the criminal negligence of Muslim Nations and Arab rulers as they are also a part of the atrocities being committed upon the Palestenian People.

They expressed their complete solidarity with the uprising movement of Middle East and North African countries and Declared that now it is not far , that a New and True Islamic Arab will rise , from these revolutions taking Place in the Middle East .

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