6 Shia Men Embraced Martyrdom , while 5 Injured in an attack on a Pick up in Quetta,Pakistan

JNN  May 18, 2011, QUETTA : At least six Shia Men embraced Martyrdom and five others injured in a firing incident on the outskirts of Quetta in the Kali Kamalo area on Wednesday.

According to initial details, this morning around 9.15a.m, armed Terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban opened fire at Shia Men , who were Green Grocery Vendor , and were returning by Pick up after Purchasing Vegetable from the Hazaar Gunj Sabzi Mandi, the Pick up was intercepted in the  Kali Kamalo area of Quetta and the terrorist fired indiscriminately on the Pick up , Killing atleast 5 men and injuring others , after the Incident  the terrorist fled unintercepted

According to police, the Pick up was coming from Sabzi Mandi in Hazar Gunji when two men on a motorcycle shot at it.

Four people in the Pick up died on the spot, while four others were wounded; two passerby’s were also injured.

The injured were shifted to the Ghulam Medical Hospital, where two wounded person scummed to their injuries in the hospital

The Martyred were namely identified as Ghulam Nabi ,Qurban Ali , Mohd. Hanif, Haji Juma Khan, Ishaq Ali , Ali Ahmed, while the injured include Rashid Ahmed, Mohd. Ali, Jaan Ali, & Yaar Mohd. All the Martyrs and Injured were from the Hazara Community , and were the residents of Mariabad area . While the dead bodies of the Momineen were shifted to Nachare Imambargah .

The police has cordoned off the area and launched a search operation.

Tension and fear have gripped the entire area after the deadly shootout as attackers have not been identified.

Quetta has already been highlighted in the International Media and the Political circles as after the reports of Presence of “ Quetta Shura “  which comprises of the high Value targets from Taliban and Al Qaida, and after the tragic Incident of US Abbotabad Operation , in which the sovereignty of Pakistan was tarnished , just in the name of the World Renowned Terrorist “ Osama Bin Ladin” . So it is the High time that the Federal and Provincial Governments should take Immediate action , in breaking the terrorist networks which have increased their activities , in post Osama scenario .

As the History have proved that these terrorist Organisation have always tried to paint there Operation as of Sectarian Nature, as the Suicide Bombing and Target Killing always started against Shia Men and Places , but then it took every body in its reach regardless of cast creed or sect , while Shia community is on the forefront of theses terrorist first of all as they are being heavily funded & in some cases totally sponsored by the greatest zionist and US ally Saudi Arabia, which is the sponsor of Sectarianism in the whole world , and secondly these terrorist have miserably failed to penetrate the Shia Community as they have never been allowed to enter the Shia Network at any level , as even as the weakest Shia can never indulge in the acts like Suicide Bombing and related activities , as it is against the faith and Principle of the Shia Muslim Religion.

So the Government should Immediately take a serious note of these target Killing from Karachi to Quetta and all parts of Pakistan including the siege of Parachinar . As if these terror networks were being given time to further Nourish , then every body in the world will have the excuse to do acts like Abbotabad Operation, which is not only sovereignty of Pakistan , but above all our Self Respect being tarnished because of these terrorists.

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