Altaf Hussain Embraced Martyrdom in Karachi

JNN 21 May 2011 Karachi : Two Shia Brothers Altaf Hussain ,s/o Sardar Ali ,42, and Nazar Abbas s/o Sardar Ali 35 embraced Martyrdom,  when they were Targeted and Killed , in the early Morning of Saturday, when they  got out of their residence ,in Musharaf Colony , Baldia Town Karachi.

As per the details , Both the Brothers Altaf Hussain , who was a Senior Advocate for High Court , and was a very friendly personality and active in the Social Circle of friends and Colleagues , and was very well renowned in the Lawyer’s Community , And the Young Brother Nazar Abbas , who had recently got his Law Degree , was also about to Join , with the elder Brother In His Profession , as a Lawyer

Altaf Hussain have left 3 Kids , of the ages 11years , 9 yrs and 2 ½ month old and a wife , while the Younger Brother was married about a year back has  left a widow , who is Pregnant and about to deliver in a couple of months . Altaf and Nazar Abbas was among 6 brothers , who were also the care takers of the Imam bargah of the area. And were Performing all their Religious Duties very keenly and have a big share in the maintenance and Operation of the locality ImamBargah

As about 8.15a.m , Both the Brothers came out of their house in their car , with the wives sitting in the back seat , as they touched the adjacent Main Road the attacker were waiting for them , and the stopped the car and came to them from both the sides , Greeted them as “ Asslam Alaikum “ and Open both the front doors of the car, where both the brothers were sitting , and took out there 9mm Pistols and fired Multiple rounds at both of them from very close range , which hit them in skull and chest , and which were fatal , the wife of one of the brother even tried to catch the hand of one of the assailant but he forcibly pushed her and got away and sped away on their Motorcycle standing near by .

The Funeral prayer of both the Brother was Performed at Shah e Khurasan Rd. , which was attended by hundreds of People ,which also included a large No. of lawyer from the Karachi Bar Association , and among them there were  People from both Shia and Sunni sects who performed their  Funeral Prayer . The Dead Bodies of the Martyrs were then shifted to the Karachi Airport , so that they can be taken to their ancestral family graveyard in Chakwal.  As the family hails from Chakwal.

The Leader of Shia Community deeply condemned the High Increase rate in the Target Killing of Shia community members around Pakistan , while especially in Karachi and Quetta ,as with in last 12 Days 11 Shia Men have been Killed in the latest upsurge  of Terrorist activities of the Banned Organisations , Like Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan, Lashkar e Jhangvi , Jundullah and other allied terrorist Organisations , who are working under the Umberella of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , whose direct CIA relations have also now been revealed .  But the Government is not taking any stern corrective measures to nab these criminal , while even being Banned Terrorist Organisations  , they are holding their Public meetings and have even their operational offices in the uptown areas like Orangi town, Baldia town , Mujahid Colony and other areas where they are freely engaged in their terrorist activities , in collection of Money By terrorizing People of the area , and recruiting Young men by disinformation , which leads even to creation of Suicide Bombers , as under the Wahabi Religious seminaries Mullahs are the biggest facilitator and supporters of these Organisations , recruiting Young men in the name of Islam , to use them for their criminal & terrorist activities , which is on the order of their King Pin TTP, who is working in the best interest of CIA , to defame Islam and to DisIntegrate Pakistan.

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