4 Shia Men Martyred several others Injured in an attack on the Funeral Procession in Kurram Agency Pakistan

JNN 22 May 2011 Kurram Agency : At least nine persons were killed and several others injured during an armed attack on the Shia tribesmen  in Lower Kurram Agency on Sunday morning.

Sources said that shia tirbe Balishkhel residing in Lower Kurram agency who were attacked by the Kharklay tribes on the sectarian basis  which were been exchanging firing for the past three days but on Sunday morning it took the deadly turn when both sides exchanged indiscriminate fire.

Reports said that tension mounted in upper Kurram after rockets were fired at Shalozan, Bughdai and Luqmankhel areas near the Afghan border. Two persons including a minor girl were injured in the rocket attack, which sparked clashes among the rival tribes.

The latest attack was done at the time , when the Martyred police sub-inspector Raza Hussain was being buried in Balishkhel. Rockets were fired at the graveyard from Kharklay which initiated fire exchange.

The Shia residents of Balishkhel retaliated with heavy weapons. Local people said that terrorist, who had relocated to Kurram from Waziristan and other militancy-hit areas, were behind the attack.

During the attack  heavy and automatic weapons was used , which was retaliated by the Shia Tribesmen in which , about four shia tribesmen embraced Martyrdom , while 5 terrorist attacking the funeral Procession were also killed , while people belonging to both groups got injured and  several others sustained wounds.

The injured men were shifted to hospitals in Sadda tehsil and Agency Headquarters Parachinar and sources said that condition of several wounded shia Men are also in critical condition.

Corps Commander Lt-Gen Asif Yaseen Malik had told a joint jirga in Parachinar on Thursday that a military operation would be launched in the area. The tribal elders had welcomed the announcement and assured full support to army in this regard.

The residents of the areas said that Wahabi coming from other areas of FATA  and their local Wahabi supporters planned the attack on the funeral as they wanted to divert attention of government. Supply of goods to the area has been suspended after fresh clashes and tension in the area.

Two suspected militants were killed in remote controlled blast at Teyarza area of South Waziristan tribal region on Saturday.

Security sources said that two suspected persons were planting a remote controlled along the Wana-Teyarza Road near Manzakai area when the bomb exploded prematurely.

“As a result the suspected persons identified as Ikhlas and Ghaniur Reham of Masud tribe were killed on the spot,” they said.

Security officials said the two men, having links with Taliban, were involved in sabotage activities. They were planting explosive to target the security convoys passing through the road, they said.

The Wana-Razamak Road is in the control of security forces and frequent movement of army convoys could be seen on it. The road has badly affected on various points by the last year`s flash floods and lukewarm attitude of the government to repair it due to militancy in the region.

The census staff, who recently visited various areas by travelling via this road, said that except military vehicles no other vehicles could be able to ply on the road due to its dilapidated condition

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