Naval Base attacked by terrorists , But the Loyal Patriotic forces repulsed the attack

JNN 23 May 2011 : PNS Mehran was attacked by the terrorists ,as about 6 attackers entered the PNS Mehran , by scaling the wall , and cutting the fence above the wall , which was towards Malir Nadee , they immediately took their Postions ,as they were quite trained , any were moving as per plan , but  they were pointed out  by the watch and ward department of the Base , and on their call the Rapid Response Team , acted immediately and reached the spot , with in 3 mins ,who challenged them and engaged them in the exchange of fire, and put a hard resistance for the terrorists to continue their Plan .

They entered from the  back sides of the Base which is towards Malir River , and they have come to destroy the aircrafts and Helicopters and , but the Leader  of the Rapid Response team ,Lieutenant Yasir Abbas s/o Col Jaffer Abbas , was the Leader of the Rapid Respose Team , which acted within 3 mins of the call made by the Watch & Ward team Member and the RRT intercepted them and engaged them in a fight , which prevented heavy losses of the Equipments , as well as the infliction of Heavy human losses . But in doing this Lieutenant Jaffer Abbas , moved Boldly towards them ,and in this all His patriotism for his Homeland and the call of the duty , He laid down his life , with out thinking of any thing else .

But as they were very well epuipped and looks like that they had been  well trained by some regular army Personal of any of  our enemy ‘s  country , as they were acting on their plan and fired multiple rockets on the PC 3 Orion Plane which caught fire and then , at the same time the Navy commandos , even risking their lives and pull the others Aircrafts standing on the runway ,which may have also been hit the rockets as they were firing , or either they have also been engulfed by the fire , which has already been hit by the terrrorist rockets fired.

At the time of attack about 11 Chinese Trainers for the Navy , and about 4 Americans were also present at the base , who were boldly , taken out the base. By the Armed forces staff , to cut down the loss of life of foreigners on the Pakistani Soil.

Lieutenant Jaffer Abbas , was about to get married after 4 months ,His Martydom has again proved that Shia Community Members have always been in the fore front of the Defence of Pakistan , and He proved even that the Slogans always Shia community have raised in all their rallies , “ We have made Pakistan and We Wil save Pakistan” , as even in todays terrorist activity a A Patriotic  Shia community member , member of the armed forces was the first one to engage the enemies of Pakistan , and to encounter enemies of Pakistan at all levels.

In this deadly attack about 10 people from the force and  Allied agencies embraced Martyrdom , which includes  One Navy Officer, 3 SSG Commandos , 2 Ranger Personnel and one sailor, while about 15 Men from the forces were injured .

About 4 Terrorist were killed in the Operation , while 2 of the attackers fled away taking the advantage of the darkness , while one  said suicide Bombers ,who was about the detonate his suicide vest  , was also killed by the commandos . They terrorist were of fair complexion , with Black T Shirts and Black Pants .

The Shia community have always proven their Patriotic deeds , in the defense of the Pakistan, No Matter what cost they have to pay to save the interest of Pakistan , and they are Protecting the Interest and Borders of Pakistan from Karachi to Parachinar & Gilgit Baltistan. And it is due to this patriotism that the enemies of Islam and Pakistan , Namely the Taliban , US, Saudi  and the Zionist Agents have  always targeted the Shia community members whether by Target Killing or by Suicide Blast on Imambargah or on Religious Processions. While the worst example of the targeting of the Shia community is the Siege of Parachinar – Tal Road, which have taken life of Hundreds of Shia Men & Women, and till now even after the involvement of LEA , the siege could not be lifted .

The Leaders of the Shia community have urged the Govt. to incorporate the Patriotic Mehdi Militia into levies and Kurrum Militia , so they can defend the border of the Pakistan and to fight the terrorist shoulder to shoulder with Pakistani forces , which they are already doing . And that can even give them also some economic relief , as they have faced a hardship for a very long time, as their area has been under siege for the last four years.

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