JAP conducts a APC on the Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain , and the Defense of Pakistan

JNN 03 June 2011 Karachi : Jafria Alliance Pakistan Organised an All parties Conference on the topic of “ Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain and the Defense of Pakistan” ( Taqadus e Hermain Sharifain and Difa e Pakistan ) as required under the Prevailing conditions of the World & especially Pakistan.

The Conference was organized at Bhojani Hall , Soldier Bazar, Karachi , in which the representatives from all the Political , Religious and Social Parties , as well as the Scholars , Zakireen and Ulema were invited to give their views and to discuss the step needed to preserve and Protect the Sanctity of the Most Sacred Places & Land of Islam , and at the same time to discuss the steps needed to make the Defense of Pakistan indestructible .

The Conference was Presided over By  Allama Abbas Kumaili , The President of Jafria Alliance Pakistan, who in his opening Speech , elaborated the need of conducting the All Parties conference on the critical issues of Sanctity of the Most Sacred Land of Islam , as some rogue elements in Pakistan and around the World are trying to confuse the Muslims , by misinterpreting the Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain with Protocol of the Monarchs , as they are trying to Paint that their favoured Monarch , enjoy the same sanctity as the Sanctity of the Holy Kabba, and Masjid e Nabawi , which is not acceptable , as any Human being Whether Monarch or any other Ordinary Person can not be compared with the Sanctity of Harmain Sharifain, as this agenda of the Agents of Monarchs is to divide the Muslims on Sectarian Basis, and give the rulers to do any thing legal or illegal under the cover of Islam. As this is being already experienced in the Arabian uprisings , where they have tried to paint the Revolution of the People , who have risen up to demand their basic rights , as in some places of sectarian Nature, while it is nothing of sectarian Nature, But to create a divide between the citizens and to give strength to their Monarchy , they are trying to Paint the Uprising of the Citizens as of Sectarian Nature. And the same agenda of the Zionist agents is being applied in Pakistan , to flourish their terrorist activities under the cover of sectarianism, while their Motive is to Disintegrate Pakistan and to Defame Islam. And to counter this menace all the sections of the society of Pakistan have to take an active role in fighting the sectarianism on all the fronts, so the terrorism which came in Pakistan also under the cover of sectarianism , has now taken its roots in the establishment of Pakistan . And which is very badly effecting the Defense of Pakistan.

After the Opening speech of the JAP President , All the representatives of the Political , Religious ,and Social Parties , were given a chance to express their views and give their suggestions on the topic of the conference , the Representatives which expressed their views were , Aslam Rajpoot ( Tehrik e Insaaf ) , Shah Hussain Gardezi, Kamal ( PML – Functional ) , Asghar Hussain Shaheedi ( Religious Scholar), Qazi Ahmed Noorani ( JUP – Noorani ) , Zamir Akhtar Mansoori ( Jamat e Islami ) , Baqar Zaidi ( Zakir) , Omer Gulab ( JUI – Fazal ur Rehman ) , Furqan Haider Abdi ( Zakir ) , Sabir Dawood ( MCHR ) , Faisal Azizi ( Minhaj ul Quran ), and others .

The speaker at the conference expressed their views freely in the presence of the Media and Social Society , while almost all emphasized on the Unity among Muslims , and to recognize our common enemies ,which may be in the shape of Osama or Obama, or their planted agents , whether in western attires or Munafiqs under the disguise in Muslim attire. As even in the Resolution of Pakistan & Constitution of Pakistan , it is well-defined that every Citizen of Pakistan Irrespective of Cast , Creed or Sect is free to perform his/her religious obligations , And they condemned the nefarious designs of the Zionist lobby designs to amend the constitution of Pakistan , to enforce One Sect over all of the Pakistan , which will be the root cause of the Disintegration of Pakistan.

The Program was ended with the Presentation of the 14 Point Resolution by Moulana Hussain Masoodi , which was unanimously approved by all the participants of the conference.

Such conference by the Religious , Social and Political parties is a breather for the civil Society and a beacon of light to guide the governments and the Organizations responsible for making the strategic decisions of Nation building and to their Foreign Relations with the rest of the World.

While JAP have always taken initiative in taking the lead in organizing such conferences and seminars which are beneficial not only for the Jafria Community , but for whole of the Pakistan to show the solidarity and give a chance for the Intra social Political dialogue.

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