Biased attitude of Sindh Police , fanning sectarianism and promoting terrorism

JNN 04 June 2011 Karachi : The Anti-Extremism Cell (AEC) and the Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) of the Sindh police’s Crime Investigation Department (CID) claimed on Sunday declared to have solved eight cases of target killings. In a joint press conference held at the Garden CID office by AEC chief SSP Chaudhry Aslam Khan and CTU chief SSP Omar Shahid, disclosed the  arrest of an alleged target killer, Muntazir Imam.

Officials claimed that Muntazir Imam, who is a handicap,with one hand non functional , have  confessed to the killings of 12 people including leaders of outlawed sectarian groups in eight separate cases across the city since 2009. Imam was taken into custody last week.

It should be noted that Muntazir Imam is a Handicap , with his one hand non functional , and the target killing , in which he has been accused , were done by the target Killers , who in routine and especially in these cases came on Motorbikes to Kill their suspects, while as being a Handicap and above all , with one hand non functional , how is it possible for any body to be so much perfect that he can ride a bike with one hand and can fire and take target with the same hand to kill his target , while as per the details he was so much of a super man that he killed 12 persons , with one hand one man army , in such a perfection that he never missed his target, and was even able to run away from the crime scene safely , without any resistance , as a Handicap on the Motor Bike.

It should also be noted that Muntazir Imam was arrested from Imambargah Madinat ul Ilm , Gulshan e Iqbal, where he was performing Namaz e Zuhrain with the other Momineen, and he was picked up from Inside the Imam bargah, and , while as these days , it is not possible for any body to enter the Masjid premises without a body search , but as per the details given by  SSP Shahid  they arrested Imam from Gulshan-e-Iqbal after a tip-off. One hand grenade, one 222 rifle, one 9mm pistol and two TT pistols were seized from his possession but the eye witnesses said that the Police team arrested the handicap Muntazir Imam from  Madia tul Ilm Imam bargah, Gulshan-e-Iqbal when he was waiting for his friend at  the Mosque after offering the Zohrain prayers.

The eye-witness ruled out that any  arms was seized from the Muntazir Imam at the time when the CID police officials have arrested the Imam from the Madina Tul Ilm Mosque. They said that the CCTV cameras have also recorded the events of his arrest which are installed at the Mosque which will be produced in the court of law to prove his Innocence and to nullify the charges which are framed against him .

SSP Omar Shahid has also accused Muntazir of being  affiliated with Sipah-e-Mohammad Pakistan, despite the fact that there isn’t any existence of the Sipah being proven for the last 15 years , after the arrest of Ghulam Yazdani , who is still in prison , and is not being released , while he has been also acquitted in No. of cases , but the biased attitude of the establishment , always frames new charges and arrest him the same time , he is being proven Innocent and acquitted in any case from the Court of Law .

While even the establishment has not been able to prove  the existence of Sipah e Mohd , for the last 15 years , but still the name is being used to paint the terrorism in the country , as sectarianism , as this the agenda of the International and National Intelligence networks , which are working against the Interest of Pakistan.

The close circle of friends and relatives have out rightly rejected the affiliation of Muntazir Imam with any Organisation

The Investigators of the case have also revealed that He had confess the Killing of Many leaders and activitists of  Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. While the charges which are being framed against him include the assassination of Maulana Ghafoor Nadeem and his young son, Mavia,  while his driver survived the attack , and is alive , which is an eye-witness of the Killing , who were killed while on their way to court in Nazimabad on March 11, 2010, Shafiq Alvi and Engineer Ilyas Zubair who were killed in Jamshed Quarter and Maulana Mohammad Ahmed Madni shot dead in New Karachi ,were said to be killed by Imam as per the details given by SSP Shahid, quoting the accused, said that all the killings were done on sectarian basis

While the authenticity of the confessional statement recorded by the Sindh can also be judged by the court ruling , on hospitalization of Muntazir Imam by the The Sindh High Court Administrative Honourable Judge, Justice Maqbool Baqar, who ordered for suspect Muntazir Imam, a handicap person, to be hospitalised and treated at Jinnah hospital after the confirmation of the apparent third-degree torture.

As per the details by our reporting team, Muntazir Imam, who was produced before the court Wednesday evening in the Administrative Judge (AJ) chambers for his alleged involvement in the target killing of Hafiz Manzoor Hussain who was gunned down in April last year.

To a routine and mandatory query by the court, accused had submitted that he was brutally tortured by agencies from May 17 till May 27 this year. During the hearing when the AJ inquired about the torture, he showed the court the injuries on his legs, thighs, back and abdomen.

The CID, meanwhile, sought physical custody of the accused for 14 days. The AJ summoned the SHC doctor to examine the accused. The court’s doctor usually leaves around 2 pm and so he took 30 minutes to reach the chambers.

Till the SHC Doctor , the CID men present  at the court premises where very vigilante and started contacting their high-ups to signal them SOS , as they were  afraid of Prosecution for  the crimes they have done from the arrest till his presentation of Imam at the court , they needed protection’ as they feared punitive action from the court if the torture is confirmed , officials revealed. Right after the phone calls, the Sindh Prosecutor General called on the AJ in his chambers. The prosecutor general then even went to the accused sitting in the courtroom, and then went to the Anti-Terrorism Court’s registrar office. There he discussed the case with the Special Public Prosecutor of the Anti-Terrorism Courts, Arshad Cheema. Meanwhile, the doctor also arrived and examined the accused. Officials said the CID had other investigation officers and a DSP Sindh police – known for his role in ‘Operation Cleanup’ of 1992 and presently posted at the FIA’s Banking Circle – also came to the AJ to influence the court for not prosecuting the crimes of the CID Police officials of framing false charges on the accused and put him on third degree torture for his confessional statement

The DSP, according to official , who doesn’t want to be named , for the fear as they are not allowed to reveal the facts to the media, tried to influence the AJ that the confessional statement  of the accused is without any fear & force.

However, the AJ refused the physical custody of Muntazir Imam to the CID and ordered that he should be admitted to the Jinnah hospital amid security.

The judge also ordered that footage and photographs of the injuries  should be taken for record. He directed the Jinnah hospital’s medico-legal officer to examine the accused and submit a report. The hearing was adjourned for a week when the accused will be produced before the court after treatment.

The family members of Imam told our staff reporter that  the Agencies brutally tortured Muntazir Imam during the custody and said that he was not in position to even to move a  single step as he was put on a  third degree torture , to make him confess all the charges framed against him.

The establishment is once again trying to give cover to the terrorists , and the fueling the support of the public for the Banned Organisations like Sipah e Sahaba and Lashkar e Jhangvi , by accusing Shia Men in the assassination of the persons of the these organizations which are killed ,due to their internal Politics by the terrorist of the same organization , but the establishment and the LEA’s in which the people with the links with the terrorist organisations have been proven , are trying to fuel the support of the common people to these terrorist organizations ,by high lighting and accusing the Shia men involved in the Killing of Persons of Banned Terrorist Organisations. , As the same strategy is being used on the Higher level , in the shape of Drone attacks , As a result of Drone attacks , the terrorists of Banned Organisations , are getting more and more support of the Innocent normal people , which uses them for their nefarious designs , like suicide bombing and other terror Plots even like attack on the Mehran Naval Base, the same is the case with  the accusation and framing of Shia men in the Killing of the Persons of Banned Terrorist organizations , which in return , gives these terrorist organizations Higher Number of recruits to work and be a part of their terror Networks.

The Shia Leader ship have highly condemned the Arrest , Accusation and framing of Innocent  Shia men in such cases , which is fanning sectarianism in the country , and promoting terrorism in return . They have asked the Government to release all the Innocent Shia Men in custody . and to Immediately take action to nab the Target Killer of the Young Shia men , due to which about 16 men have lost their lives ,and none of the target Killers have been nabbed , while they rom free in the Orangi town limits , as they have also demanded of the operation in the Criminal and Den of terrorist , area like Orangi town , where the armed wings of terrorist have taken control of certain areas of the Orangi town, and those areas are physically NO GO areas for the even the residents of the vicinity .

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