Britain still trapped into Slavery Business

JNN 12 June 2011 : Britain’s Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is to launch a comprehensive probe into human trafficking after reports said the country is mired in the problem of slavery just as much as 200 years ago.

The 15-month study is to look into worries that a lack of political will and policing resources, low prosecution rates and a flawed system for identification of trafficked victims are the factors worsening the problem.

The investigation is expected to propose possible solutions to the slavery problem along with a practical approach to help counter human trafficking.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith who is the chairman of the cabinet’s social justice committee is also expected to give a speech on the significance of dealing with such criminals later this week.

The investigation by the Centre for Social Justice is aimed at finding out how widespread human trafficking is in Britain.

Officials identified 706 people exposed to slavery between April 2009 and March last year while it is believe that up to 18,000 women and children smuggled into the country have been forced to work as prostitutes.

“Many people think slavery was abolished on the high seas by the Royal Navy 200 years ago. It wasn’t. It is just as much of a problem today,” executive director of the CSJ Gavin Poole said,

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