Parachinar – The Pakistani GAZA : Why Taliban Actions sync with Zionist Agenda

JNN 20 June 2011 Parachinr : Thousands have people have been killed in Kurram Agency in the past five years. Property worth billions of rupees has been destroyed and the education system has gone to dogs.

In 2007, when Taliban marched towards Kurram from North and South Waziristan, the tribal elders wrote a letter and faxed it to the president, the prime minister and security officers. In the letter they expressed their concern about the activities and demanded the government to take action against them and stop them from entering Kurram.

But in a strange twist, the photocopy of that letter reached the Taliban’ commander the next day, who sent Rs500 to each Shia-Sunni tribal leader, to buy shrouds for their coffins.

And so the Taliban erected check posts, opened training centres and started living in Lower and Central Kurram Agency. They were gearing to take Parachinar.

The elders approached the political administration with this fear on November 15, 2007, but were told that everything was under control. The very next day, after the Friday prayers, the Taliban attacked with hand grenades and rockets, killing many people of Turi-Bangash tribes.

The Thal-Parachinar Road was blocked, and continued to remain so for five years. Thousands of Upper Kurram Agency tribes are besieged and Parachinar has been cut off from the rest of Pakistan. The telephone lines seldom work, there are frequent power outages, development programs and supply of goods has stopped. The people here have been forced to purchase daily-use items imported from Afghanistan at a premium. People die for want of basic life-saving drugs.

But the little coverage that the region gets in the media is focused on sectarian disturbances, which cannot be further from the truth. The Shia and Sunni tribes in Parachinar are not at war. They have a common enemy, the Taliban.

A video shows the Taliban looting goods from trucks and coaches of Turi-Bangash tribes in the presence of Frontier Corps (FC) personnel. A body is lying on the ground while the FC personnel stand there doing nothing.

The Taliban have attacked convoys headed for Lower Kurram many times. Every time their target was to hit the Turi-Bangash tribes. The FC personnel or their conveyances were not harmed.

The road re-opened

On February 3, 2011, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said that they had reached a peace agreement in Kurram and that Thal-Parachinar Road will be opened by February 5. On February 8, members of Grand Tribal Jirga came to Parachinar by road. The road had been opened.

The tribes could not believe that they had been set from free. However, some reports in local and foreign media said that the road had been opened to facilitate the Haqqani Network to go to and come from Afghanistan (Kurram Agency has borders with three provinces of Afghanistan, Paktia, Nangrar and Khost).

Other reports said that the Taliban had some personal stakes in the deal and had just agreed to maintain peace for a month to test the waters. But the tribes insisted that they will not allow Taliban and terrorists to use the road.

A month later, the peace ended. Two children were kidnapped from Lower Kurram. Then people of Turi-Bangash tribes, travelling from Peshawar to Parachinar, were kidnapped along with drivers and coaches. The drivers were warned not to carry people belong from Turi-Bangash tribe.

On March 13, armed terrorists attacked a coach and killed 10 passengers, while three attackers were also killed when police retaliated. The attackers were identified to be from Mangal Tribe in Kurram, with one of them a former FC troop. The government did nothing.

Then on March 25, Taliban attached three coaches, killed three passengers and kidnapped 45 people from Turi-Bangash tribes. The kidnapped included women and children. The Taliban said they were retaliating against being cheated.

The government and Grand Tribal Jirga went to the negotiation table with the Taliban, who demanded a huge some of money and put forth a set of demands.

During negotiations, on April 21, the Taliban slaughtered and burned eight of the kidnapped passengers and sent the bodies to the tribes. They also released a video showing a kidnapped passenger being slaughtered and put on fire.

The tribal elders reiterated that they will not allow their land to be used by terrorists or other countries. This resulted in a retaliation from the Taliban and Haqqani Network. They have been attacking Sahlozan with missiles and mortars regularly.

The Taliban also attached Turi-Bangash tribe in Balash Khel village, killing four and injuring seven tribesmen. The tribes retaliated, killing 19 Taliban along with two of their commanders. Then a strange thing happened. The security forces reached Khar Kali and Balash Khel villages and bombarded the fortifications of Turi-Bangash tribes and picked up the bodies of the slain Taliban.

The tribes protested by holding a shutter-down strike in the entire city.

The elders say that this latest incident confirms that the Taliban are being supported by security forces, who are playing a double game and have warned the government of blocking their supply routes if they do not stop supporting the terrorists.

Above all the Political parties which support and sponsor the Taliban’s and Al Qaida, which are also the creation of the Jihadi Culture in the reign of Zia ul Haq , which have been financed and supported by Taliban & Al Qaida , among which PML ( Nawaz ) ,is the Flag Bearer  and still supports Taliban and its Allied Parties, which are Terrorist Networks Like  Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi, (LeJ ) , and have openly supported them in the Bye Elections , rather they have been given the cover in the Southern Punjab to flourish , Due to which the Punjabi Taliban Network has Mushroomed in all of the Punjab and is carrying out its Terrorist activities all over Pakistan.

And their Biased attitude can also be gauged by their Daily routine acts , which they perform, When the Youth of Parachinar were Protesting on the constitution Avenue to highlight their miseries due to their Patriotism for Pakistan and war against the enemier of Pakistan , due to which the Parachinar has been sieged by the terrorists for the last 4 years , when this Incident took place, in which The PML (N) Parliamentarian Tehmina Daultana , showed his support for the Taliban , and tried to run over his car over the protesting Youth of Parachinar.

According to a press release issued by the YoP on Saturday, the reality of the incident is that peaceful protestors from Parachinar blocked Shahrahe Dastoor near radio station during the budget session and no vehicles were allowed to use the route.

Dressed in burial shrouds and carrying coffins, the protestors were condemning the negligence of the government in lifting the siege of the area at the hands of the Taliban and pleading for the reopening of the Thal-Parachinar Road, something that Interior Minister Rehman Malik promised to do in two days, some 40 days back.

According to the press release, “During the protest, the so-called public representative and PML-N member Tehmina Daultana, instead of joining the affected people of Parachinar with words of sympathy, ordered her driver to rush the vehicle over the protestors to break the human obstacle and get…[to]…Parliament House.

According to the her Press release, the parliamentarian later declared the incident was “an attack on her by the will of the budget presenters (ruling coalition).” The YoP strongly condemned her misbehaviour and misleading statement and demanded that the PML-N explain their anti-Parachinari behavior. Or there support for the enemies of Pakistan & Islam , The Taliban and their allied Networks .

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