22 out of 30 abucted Shia Men from Parachinar , reaches Home safely after Paying Huge Ransom

JNN 22 June 2011 Parachinar : 22 Shia Men Belonging to  Parachinar who were abducted by the terrorists of Tehrik e Taliban ‘Pakistan On 25th March 2011 ,the 22 abducted were released after receiving Rs30 million as ransom money, tribal sources said. The Hostages reached their Homes on Tuesday s after suffering the three months detention.

The sources said the release of the abducted passengers was made after the grand tribal jirga of elders and government officials negotiated with the militants in Kurram Agency. They said the militants had set several demands to the jirga, but agreed finally to release the passengers after payment of the ransom amount three days ago.

The militants handed over the hostages to the government officials and the jirga at Doaba located in Hangu district and were later shifted to the Frontier Corps (FC) Fort in the area, the sources added.

The 45 passengers who included Men, women and children were kidnapped three months ago while they were on way to the Kurram Agency’s headquarters Parachinar near Bagan area located in lower tehsil of Kurram Agency.

According to our correspondent , Total of 45 Shia Men ,women and children, all belonging to Parachinar  were abducted from the Tal Parachinar Road ,about 75 days back ,  when they were travelling on this road , as this was re opened  after a broad base agreement from all the stake holders including Taliban , But the agreement was breached several times , and the passengers from the Shia community ,were repeatedly attacked , in which some were even killed , and a huge No. was abducted and taken as Hostages.

“However, the militants refused to set free eight passengers due to unknown reasons,” the sources said. The released persons included Syed Abid Hussain, Mir Hussain, Imdad Hussain, Muhammad Ayaz, Habib Hussain, Shoaib Hussain, Qaiser Hussain, Gulab Hussain, Iqbal Hussain, Hidayat Hussain, Rajab Ali, Syed Rafiq Hussain, Syed Asghar Hussain, Shujaat, Inayat Ali, Yakeen Ali, Muhammad Khan, Javeid Hussain, Zulfiqar Ali, Ibrar Hussain, Jamil, Owais and Prof Ghabis Hussain.

The militants released the women and children soon after the incident while shifting the male abducted passengers to an unknown location. Later, tribal sources said the militants killed seven of the abducted passengers in the Ghulam Khan Ghund area in lower tehsil of Kurram Agency while 30 were kept in captivity.

The Youth of Parachinar have rallied across Pakistan for the release of the abducted and the Opening of the only link road to Parachinar from the rest of the country. Who have been given assurance at all levels, that the release of the abducted will be negotiated at earliest, and the security will also be provided at the Tal – Parachinar Road , so the residents can enjoy free access to and from Pakistan to Parachinar.

However, the whole of the Shia community and specially the Youth of Parachinar has demanded the release of remaing 11 abducted Shia Muslims of Parachinar from the custody of Taliban Terrorists.

They vowed that they would continue their struggle until all  their demands including the Operation against Taliban terrorists, secure Passage to and from  Parachinar -Peshawar road and release of all abductees from Taliban custody , are fulfilled.

Sohana was a resident of Hashtnagri area in Peshawar and that she had told the police that she attended school on Sunday.

A local source, however, told Our Correspondent that Sohana “seemed to be from the Malakand division, not Peshawar, and was a rural type of child, not an urban one.”

Her accent shows that she is from Malakand, not Peshawar, the source said. Another source of confusion was pointed out. Even though the girl mentioned two suicide vests, only one was actually recovered from the site.

“She was wearing eight kilograms of explosives which was quite heavy for her age. Her (actions) were suspicious,” Qazi Jamilur Rehman, the regional police chief, told AFP by telephone.

“She is an innocent (little) schoolgirl who was scared. She is with us (now) and we are trying to contact her family,” Rehman added.

The police said they were trying to locate the militants who had abducted her and put her to this task. The official said that the kidnappers also changed her private school uniform with a government school one. Sohana told reporters that she was a student of a private school for which her parents paid a monthly fee of Rs500. She identified her father as Javed and said that she had an elder brother, Imran, who is a 9th grade student.

Suicide attacks by women and children are rare, but militant groups have frequently used teenage boys.

On December 26, 2010, a burqa-clad female suicide bomber struck a UN food distribution point and killed 43 people in Khar, the main town in the restive Bajaur tribal region bordering Afghanistan.

Nearly 4,500 people have been killed across Pakistan in attacks by Taliban and their allied extremist outfits.

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