3 Shia Pilgrims Martyred 5 injured in an attack on a Bus Near Quetta by Taliban

JNN 22 June 2011 Quetta : At least three Shia men were martyred  and five others were wounded when terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban  stormed a pilgrim’s bus here on Wednesday.

The attack took place in HazarGanji town in the outskirts of Quetta.

The attacked bus was carrying pilgrims returning  from Iran, who have gone by Road to Iran for  Performing Ziaraat , who were returning from Iran via border city of Taftan.

Police and rescue teams reached the scene of the attack and started shifting the dead and injured to Bolan Medical Complex.

Some of the injured are said to be in critical condition , and as a result of it The death toll is feared to rise.

The Target Killing of Shia Men is on the high rise in Pakistan and especially in Karachi and adjoining areas of Quetta as now these attacks have even proved the presence of the terror networks of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP) , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi ( LeJ) and their allied cells and organizations whether it is named as Quetta Shoora or any thing else , but it is not only alarming for the Shia Community members , but for all of Pakistan , as the History tells us very clearly that these terrorists Networks , which are working on the agenda of their foreign Masters , start & flourish their activities under the banner of Sectarianism , and once they get hold of the situation then come to their master Plan of Disintegrating  Pakistan , and defaming Islam, as the recent events like Abbot bad Operation , Attack on the GHQ , Attack on the Parade Lane Mosque , and the Last of the same series  till yet , the Attack on PNS Mehran , in which even a Patriotic Shia Pakistani Laid down his life to counter the attack , and stood as a wall of steel in the way of the terrorists , so they could not achieve their desired goals , and his sacrifice of life , give a new strength to the Pakistani Nation , that till the Last Patriotic Shia community member is alive , the enemies of Pakistan and Islam , could not succeed in their nefarious designs.

3 thoughts on “3 Shia Pilgrims Martyred 5 injured in an attack on a Bus Near Quetta by Taliban

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