Another Shia Man Kidnapped and Martyred in Karachi

JNN 22 June 2011 Karachi : Another Shia Man , Izhar Ali s/o Karrar Hussain , was Kidnapped by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , and later his body was recovered from the limits of Sir Syed Police Station , Karachi.

According to the details , the Deceased Izhar Ali , was a Rickshaw Driver , and who was Kidnapped on Tuesday Night  from the North Karachi area, and later his body was found on Wednesday from the Limits of sir Syed Police Station. He had no personal enmity with any one , or had any affiliation with any Political Party, He was Kidnapped and Killed in the ongoing Terrorism , against the Shia community members , by  the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP) , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi ( LeJ) , and the allied Terrorist Networks and Cells .

His funeral Prayers was performed at Imam Bargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society , while his burial was Performed at Jannat ul Baqi , graveyard , Orangi Town No. 11 ½ .

The Civilian Government is not taking any real steps to curb the menace of Terrorism , and especially the terrorism , which the Wahabi Foreign Govt is trying to paint as of sectarian Nature , while their motive and agenda behind this targeting of the Shia community members , is nothing to do with sectarianism, as even today , the Shia and Sunni Muslims in Pakistan are living in Harmony , and enjoying best of relations with each other , and to the extent that the inter marriages, are even today taking place in these communities. But this Harmony and Brotherhood is a thorn in the eyes of the Zionist Agents , and they are trying to do anything to create rift and hatred , between these communities , as these negative actions give powers to them , for them to be the ruler of their country and to be the leader of the Muslim World , other wise if the harmony prevails , then they will be no longer in the lead , as people from different nations will start asking them the progress , they have done so far , so until this terrorism and disharmony between Muslims prevails , they feel it safe to be the Leader of their Clan, As nobody asks them anything or questions any thing , which raises the curtain over their crimes , they have been doing for long.

4 thoughts on “Another Shia Man Kidnapped and Martyred in Karachi

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