Chief of Matami Organisation Martyred by Punjabi Taliban Terrorists Near Bhakkar , Pakistan

JNN 24 June 2011 Bhakkar : In the ongoing Target Killing of Shia Men all over  Pakistan , S.Zameer ul Hassan , 32  was Martyred in the early hours of 23 June, by the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Punjab, at Thalla Latianwala , Bhakkar, Darya Khan , Punjab, Pakistan.

According to our correspondent , S.Zameer ul Hassan was an active Shia , in organizing Religious Meetings and social circles , while he was also the Organizer of the Matami Organisation of Bhakkar .

Punjab has been the breeding ground for these terrorisit organization , in the reign of PML –N’s government , as the Party Openly and covertly supports and sponsors these terrorist organization Like Punjabi Taliban, Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) , Tehrik e Taliban ( TTP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi , and allied Banned Organisations and cells , as they have one thing in common , that both were the Outcome of the Zia ul Haq’s regime, As in the era of Zia ul Haq Sectarianism , Terrorism were flourished and even training camps were also established in the Name of Jihadi Organisations , and as a result of those training camps and state sponsorship of these Jihadi Terrorist Organisations , they have successfully penetrated into all parts of Pakistan , and even in the different parts of the World , as they were also the need of the US , so they were even given license to establish their International recruitment centers also

As these terrorist Organisation were the counter Product launched , by US as , the Americans were afraid of the Shia  Irani Revolutions .Which was sweeping the world very swiftly, so to counter the threat , US created the and sponsored the Wahabi Defaced Islam , and thus this type of terrorist , serves two main goals of US , firstly to counter the Shia Revolution of Iran, and secondly the ever rising Population and conversion of the World to Islam.

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