Shia Business Man of D.I.Khan embraced Martyrdom in the ongoing Target Killing By Taliban

JNN 26 June 2011 D.I.Khan : Shia Businessman Ghulam Akbar Farishta ,47 embraced Martrydom in D.I.Khan , in the ongoing Target Killing of Shia Men around Pakistan By the terrorist of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP) , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan (SSP) , Lashkar e Jhangvi ( LeJ) and their allied Banned Terrorist Organizations and cells.

According to our correspondent Ghulam Akber was ambushed by the terrorists, in the the broad Day light around Noon of Saturday 25th June , when he was going to his showroom ,at main Jewellery Market , Near Toyota Showroom at Circular Road .

He was a Goldsmith & Jeweller By Profession, ,and owns His own shop in the Jewellery Market of D.I.Khan.

D.I.Khan ,Hangu ,Taank and the adjoining areas has been very badly effected by the sectarian killing and Terrorism against the Shia Community members as these areas have a very small Number of Shia Community members in and around these areas , and the terrorists of the Banned Organisations are Pushing hard for sectarian cleansing , so they can implement their nefarious designs of evil.

As the Talibans have earlier tried to do in Afghanistan to implement their Molested form of Islam ,which is not possible till the last Shia Man or child is present to confront them , as they have been Propogating the true Islam for the Last forteen Hundred years at the cost of their lives , since the Battle of Karbala, and the True followers of Imam e Hussain ( A.S) , have learnt the lesson from there Great Leader that No matter what you have to sacrifice even your life , but never Bow against the tyrant Yazeed and its forces , who also tried to Molest Islam and its Principles.


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