Yemeni Demand after Saleh's Departure now his son's should also Leave Yemen

JNN 27 June 20111 SANAA — Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in the streets of Yemen’s major cities demanding that the president’s sons and other aides leave the country.  Continue reading

Even after 100Days Nato Air Strikes Gaddafi still in Power & Strong , and still revives his offer of Election to end the crisis

JNN 27 June 2011 : In March, Benghazi, Libya’s second city, seemed close to annihilation at the hands of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. He had promised to exact retribution from his citizens for their temerity in seeking freedom from his 40-year dictatorship. Influenced by the memory of Kosovo and backed by the Arab League, the United Nations Security Council passed resolution 1973. It authorized the imposition of a no-fly zone in Libya. It also instructed that “all necessary measures” should be taken to protect civilians under threat of attack.  Continue reading