Yemeni Demand after Saleh's Departure now his son's should also Leave Yemen

JNN 27 June 20111 SANAA — Tens of thousands of people have demonstrated in the streets of Yemen’s major cities demanding that the president’s sons and other aides leave the country. 

The protesters on Sunday also called for President Ali Abdullah Saleh to step aside after nearly 33 years in power, The Associated Press reported.

Saleh is in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment after being badly wounded when his compound was attacked earlier this month.

The protesters shouted “”Saleh’s orphans have to leave the country.””

Ahmed Saleh, 42, a one-time heir apparent to his father, commands the elite Republican Guard.

The military unit has played a key role in protecting his father’s regime since pro-democracy protests erupted in February. His brother Khaled is an army commander.

Yemen president to appear in media

However, Reuters news agency reported on Sunday that the wounded Yemeni president, who has not been seen in public since an attack on his palace earlier this month, will make a media appearance within 48 hours.

“”The president will appear within the next 48 hours despite our fear that the burns on his features and on different parts of his body will be an obstacle, given that his appearance will not be as the media expects it,”” Saleh’s media secretary, Ahmed al-Sufi, said in a statement.

Saleh, 69, was forced after the attack to seek treatment in a Saudi hospital. In the days after the bombing of a mosque within the presidential palace, Saleh delivered a brief audio message via television.

Sufi said the president was in good health and continued to direct Yemeni affairs from Saudi Arabia.

“”The arrangements are currently being made for this appearance, which will definitely be followed by important media events,”” he said.

Months of protests against Saleh’s rule have sparked deadly clashes between the President’s followers and opponents, bringing the country to a standstill.

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