Egyptian Shia’s should join the Political stream in the Post Mubarak set up

JNN 29 June 2011 : Egyptian Islamist thinker and presidential candidate highlighted the necessity of Shia in the political life of the country and demanded Shia not to be isolated due to the crimes of the former regime. 

Mohammad Salim Al-Awa, Egyptian Islamic thinker and a proximity activist said Egyptian nation are famous for their love of the household of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

“Affection of Egyptian nation to Ahlul Bayt (AS) is to the point that some historians have nicknamed Egyptians as “Sunni lovers of Shiism” which is true to some extent” said the presidential candidate.

On the relation between the Shia and Sunni in Egypt he said,” Those who accuse Shia of promoting their beliefs in Sunni communities or say Sunni is after spreading his denomination among Shia have no objective but waging religious sedition.”

He denounced the efforts to turn regional revolutions to religious sedition said,” Everybody should recognize the recent revolutions as the uprising of the Arab World against oppression and that means political and religious unity of the all Muslims which certainly scares many.”

He underscored the necessity of Shia presence in the political life of Egypt demanding the community not to choose seclusion due to the troubles made by the former regime because that regime is gone and will not be back.

He voiced his support for a Shia political party if the followers of the denomination wish to launch one.

Born in ۱۹۴۲, Mohammad Salim Al-Awa widely known as Islamic thinker.

Some of the positions he has served include the secretary general of Muslim Ulema (Scholars) Union and also a member of the Committee for Islam-Christianity Interfaith Dialogue and also member of the supreme committee of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought. He has also written many books on proximity of Islamic schools of thought.

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