Another Trustee of Imambargah Targeted Kidnapped , Tortured and Martyred by Terrorist of SSP

JNN 04 July 2011 Karachi : Another Trustee of Imambargah Mohammad Abbas s/o Ahmed Abbas , 35 ,targeted , Kidnapped and Murdered  by the terrorists of the Banned Organisation , Sipah e Sahaba , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehreek e Taliban, Jundullah and allied Organisation and Cells. Continue reading

Egyptian CNG pipeline to Israel, Jordan bombed

JNN 04 July 2011 : An Egyptian pipeline carrying natural gas to Israel and Jordan in the Sinai Peninsula has been bombed, causing a fire and halting the gas flow. Continue reading

CIA using Afghan bases for drone attacks in Pakistan

JNN 04 July 2011 : The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is reportedly using airbases in Afghanistan to launch deadly drone attacks on Pakistan despite Islamabad’s warnings against continued unauthorized U.S. air raids on its soil.  Continue reading