Saleh makes first TV address from Saudi Arabia after surviving the blast

JNN 08 July 2011 : Yemen’s Ali Abdullah Saleh has appeared on TV for the first time since he allegedly sustained injuries in an attack last month on his presidential palace and taken to Saudi Arabia for treatment.

Seriously wounded in a rocket attack on his presidential palace on June 3, Saleh demonstrated acute signs of burning on the face in his first appearance on Yemen TV since the incident, Reuters reported.

He claimed that he welcomes the idea of power-sharing within the framework of national constitution and democracy and said, “We are not against participation, we are for participation with all political powers, whether they are in opposition or ruling, but in the light of a program which the people agree upon.”

“I had burns because of the accident. There were also a number of operations for a number of officials such as the speaker of parliament, the prime minister, his deputy, and the governor of Sana’a. More than 87 people were injured,” he added.

Saleh has been hanging on to power despite months of anti-regime demonstrations against his 33-year rule in Yemen.

Hundreds of protesters have been killed and many more injured in a brutal crackdown waged by Saleh’s despotic regime since popular protests broke out in February.

Deadly clashes continued between anti-government demonstrations and pro-Saleh security forces across the country on Thursday.

On Wednesday, a UN fact-finding mission visiting Yemen warned of collective punishment against civilians during the anti-regime protests.

Protesters have been voicing outrage at Western powers, which they accuse of backing up the unpopular Yemeni regime, and denouncing Saudi Arabia’s interference in the country’s internal affairs.

Demonstrators have vowed to continue protests until their demand for the overthrow of Saleh government is fulfilled.

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