Oil Rich South Sudan becomes independent country

JNN 09 July 2011 : South Sudan has become independent, making it Africa’s newest nation and the worlds’ newest country.South Sudan became independent several minutes ago, shortly after midnight local time on July 9. 

South Sudan becomes the 193rd country recognized by the United Nations and the 54th UN member state in Africa.

Nation number 196 is not a newly created land mass, but approximately a third of what was the biggest country in Africa – Sudan.

South Sudan’s independence comes after decades of conflict with the north in which approximately 1.5 million people died.

Except The other big deal for both north and south is oil.

South Sudan has 80% of the reserves, but the majority of the refineries, and crucially the pipeline to the outside world, are in the north.

Currently the revenues are split 50/50, but that agreement lapses with independence and there is no replacement yet.

Even closer to home for the administration in the capital Juba, is the presence of a number of armed factions within the south.

Dignitaries from across the world, including the British Foreign Secretary William Hague and former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, will take part in celebrations. Who have been involved in the whole process since its inception.

Behind the scenes, senior figures in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army are preparing to take on their long-time enemies in the north.

A historic peace agreement between North and South Sudan signed in 2005 paved the way for an independence referendum in January 2011, in which southerners voted almost unanimously to secede. North Sudan has officially recognized southern independence


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