Bahrain’s Pearl Square Protesters sufferings & Al Khalifa Govt Brutalities True Story as Narrated by the Eye Witness

Khalil Al Halwaichi & Noor (Liza Hult )

JNN 09 July 2011 Manama : The facts narrated by a Swedish Muslim Converted Woman present at Sulaimaniya Medical Complex at the time of Pearl Square Protests , and the denial of the Wahabi influenced Doctors  for the treatment of the Injured and ill Shia protesters , who were Brutalized by the Bahraini Al Khalifa forces as they were Peacefully protesting for their Legal and Human Rights .

The following narration will be as she herself writes the details of the events as they unfold step by step .She starts as follows :

Freedom for the Doctors , Nurses and common People of Bahrain and all other too..

I thought i didn’t have to say this but i will do so now,

My Name is Noor , (Lisa Hult  before I was converted to Islam  , as I have been converted to Shiite Islam in 2003) my qualification is psychotherapist with medical education too and was present at Sulaimaniya Medical Complex , Near Pearl Square , where all the Injured and ill were brought for treatment .

Protester with Bird Hail shots , which has Lead Poison in it

The Story written is true and I have been a part of this ,which was done at Sulemaniya Medical Complex , Manama ,Bahrain , where all the wounded protesters ,who were wounded as they were harassed , beaten and fired with Bird hails and rubber bullets were brought , from the Pearl Square ( which have been razed by the Al Khalifa Regime , as they were afraid that if these Huge Protest will continue , there throne will be thrown on the same Square ) for Medical treatment , but what really happened , that has been narrated here to uncover the Brutalities and Inhumane behavior done by the People Loyal to the regime ,and on the orders of the Government, so the truth should reach the World .

I feel sorry that i didn’t listen to my Husband Khalil Al Halwachi (Presently in Bahraini jail) he was working outside the hospital, to help the wounded protesters, while i was inside in the emergency ward.

Bahraini Shia Protester Shot in the eye , due to which he lost his Eye

All ward was full of wounded, their families were looking after them as its was smell of blood and teargas all over ,people were begging for help and i was running and begging the Doctor for Valium (A sedative medicine for relief from the pain )  ,But then I came to the conclusion , after i have see it for many times that  the Doctors Loyal to the Al Khalifa Regime were very restrictive to give medication and take blood status.

The poor Indian nurses were afraid of them But I as a Swedish national we don’t care much about title. As My qualification is psychotherapist with medical education too. I know what a Patient need and what can be given ,Yes the Doctors gave medicine but not enough , For example as in the case of the wounded what is 5 mg Valium for young strong man, nothing it’s just keep him more frustrated and he feel the pain more. I asked the Doctor for stronger doses, or even haldol ( another Medicine ) or more valium , but the Doctor just replied that the Patient will be out soon. And for which I asked the Doctor how can they be sent out and where thye will be sent, i asked the doctor , and the doctor replied they ll be sent where they belongs on the street.

Ammunition used by the Al Khalifa's Bahraini Govt used against Shia Protesters

For which I replied you must be joking you can’t send them out as they are already so much  wounded .We had in ward E 8 badly wounded.

The Doctor came in and told his colleague to Discharge all the wounded, he looked at me and

I said to him you can’t , they are  badly wounded

.He replied to me but my boss said like this so I have to follow his orders.

But as I can not follow his ruthless orders, I waited and see,

After 30 min the Doctor came back and was very angry “Why are they still here? I told you to send them out “

I said with all your respect who will take care of them all their families are in the pearl roundabout and if we discharge them they will fall down and we have to make all the paperwork again and have to take them back.

But the Doctor announced his order that All the wounded patient should be out in 10 min and five of them was back. The Dr just told the nurses to remove everything and let them go.

And I was questioning Myself Is this a hospital?

Where is the CODE OF CONDUCT?

And there was even a child who was badly burnt and the mother was in jail

But after 17 march the mother of the Child have to confess that she did that purposely to increase the No, of the of Shia patients , Now this is a question for all the Human Beings in this world living what is this ?

Can a parent will ever do something like that?

And all the young with bodies full of bird hail (use to hunt birds) were even thrown out of the Hospital and in record they were shown Discharged, as I asked the Doctor, about this He said to me leave them they will come back after some week with bad infections

As a Human I cannot stand it and started to pick out the hails but i could not make any stitches

House of Khalil Al Halwachi ransacked by the Al Khalifa forces at the time of his arrest

Many of the patients were desperate and asked me why the Doctor is doing like this?

And the answer was only because you are Shia my dear brother.

The Hospital staff was ordered No antibiotic nothing just send them home

As we all know that hail is full of lead and that gives u lead poison.

I asked so many Doctores why you do like this and no reply…

I have seen and experienced how brutal the doctors have been against the Shias of Bahrain

And all this i told my Husband Kalil Al Halwachi and he told me we have to tell the brutalities of Wahabi Al Khalifa Regime , But as I  was to afraid because I’m just a visitor in the country my VISA was about to expire so I have to travel back to Sweden , As where I m at present and my Husband Kahlil AL Halwachi who is a Shiite Muslim ,had also Swedish residency but he is in Bahraini Jail now .

There were even some Doctors who were even crying when they came to me and asked me Why all this NOOR

But I can say this only what can I do I have only two hands.I try to find solutions for them to find inner peace for the moment.

So Now My Mission is to fight for the Justice for the Poor Bahraini People, who have been subjected to the third degree torture and were put in jails without any Medical aids. As I m voicing on all the available media forums, as the European, US and even the Media of my country is tight lipped over the Massacre being done in Bahrain against the Helpless Innocent People who were just demanding their Legal Rights from the Tyrant Rulers.

God Bless the Innocent People of Bahrain

And Give them Rulers who can do Justice and not Master , who treat their Citizens as Slaves , or rather Worst then the Slaves.

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