Target Killing in Quetta Claims lives of 3 more Shia Men

JNN 11 July 2011 Quetta : Target Killing of Shia Men have claimed 3 more lives in the, Provincial Capital of Baluchistan , Quetta. 3 Momineen namely Abdul Qayum, Ashiq Hussain and Amjad Hussain, embraced martyrdom, when were intercepted and fired upon , due to which they were critically injured and could not scum to their wounds , and embraced Martyrdom.

According to the details , On Sunday all the three Momineen  Abdul Qayum, Ashiq Hussain and Amjad Hussain who were coming back from work , when reached Qambrani Road , they were intercepted by the Terrorists of Banned Organisation Tehrik e Taliban, , who are working against the Interests of Pakistan , and are the agents of the Zionist Lobby , who wants to defame Islam ,and to Dis Integrate Pakistan, targeted and fired several shots  due to which all the three momineen were critically injured , due to the critical nature of their wounds , they died on the spot , and embraced Martyrdom and on reaching the Hospital they were declared dead on arrival.

There Funeral Prayers were attended by a large Number of Shia Community members , which was offered at a Local Imambargah , and later they were buried at a Local Graveyard in the vicinity.

As now It have been pointed out by the local and the International Media at all the levels ,that the terrorists of the banned Terrorist Organizations Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) , Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP ) , Lashkar e Jhangvi ( LeJ ) , Jundullah, and their allied Organisations and Cells are working against the Interest of Pakistan , and  at the same time defaming Islam , who are sponsored and heavily funded by Saudi Arabia, UAE and US Intelligence Agencies , which have been confirmed and authenticated after the events like The Murders of 2 Innocent Pakistanis By Raymond Davis, Mehran Base Attack , Abbotabad Attack of US forces on the Pakistani Soil , and many other events like these.

But as now The Armed forces of Pakistan have even trying to mend their past mistakes of giving shelter to these Jihadis , who were actually the  mercenaries of these organizations and who have even  double crossed them too , and who are  working for the Interest of the Zionist Lobby and or on their Permanent  Pay roll  ,For  the Disintegration of Pakistan , and they have always started their mission under cover of Sectarianism

As Shia Community is the Most Loyal Community of Pakistan , as they are even the founders of Pakistan , and it is because of this Loyalty to Pakistan , that they are always the first target of these enemies of Pakistan and Islam .

Now it is the time that the Armed forces should also make clear distinction between the Patriotic Pakistanis and the Back stabbers, The Loyal Shia community not only need the protection but they should also be given encouragement and a chance to fight against these enemies of Pakistan and Islam, as they have been always stood with the armed forces of Pakistan , since the creation of Pakistan , till this date , and have fought on all the borders of Pakistan , From Gilgit , Parachanar to Karachi .

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